Say yeah to smooth retail operations

What if you could effortlessly boost employee happiness and deliver exceptional customer service? Imagine increasing sales, saving time, and creating a great atmosphere. Our digital toolbox for retail makes it simple.

Process Optimization for Retail

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Better operations, one tool at a time

Multiple roles, countless tasks, one simple toolbox. Get inspired by how our solutions help retail floor teams deliver their best.

Send instant audio requests
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How it works
  • An employee sends an audio request to the team using their smart device.

  • A colleague accepts the request, and instant notifications are sent to everyone.

  • If necessary, the colleague responds with an audio message.

Positive impacts

Effortless, fast, and discreet communication.

Streamlined processes for improved efficiency.

Walking distances reduced by up to 75%.

Empowered employees and reduced stress levels.

Diagram of instant audio requests in retail with ReAct Now, in German
Provide instant assistance with service bell & tablet
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How it works
  • When a customer needs assistance, they simply use the service bell or tablet.

  • Our system discreetly notifies the appropriate employees about the request.

  • One employee accepts the task, while the rest of the team is informed.

  • The customer receives confirmation that an employee is on their way.

Positive impacts

Smooth and direct communication without the need for inefficient running around or shouting.

Fewer interrupted purchases, leading to increased sales.

Happier customers thanks to timely support.

Consultation process diagram for retail with ReAct service bell and tablet, in English
Simply connect reverse vending machines
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How it works
  • We seamlessly connect the reverse vending machine to our system.

  • Via smart devices, the machine discreetly lets your team know if there's a potential issue.

  • One employee accepts the task, the rest of the team gets a notification that the task is being taken care of.

  • The entire process is automatically recorded for future reference.

Positive impacts

Proactive alerts help the team address problems quickly, minimizing any disruptions.

With up to 90% less machine downtime, you can provide better service, ensuring happier customers.

Diagram of working with smart to-do lists and ReAct Now, in English
Streamline product recall communication
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How it works
  • The head office notifies stores of a product recall.

  • Employees receive instant notifications on their smart devices.

  • A colleague accepts the request, while the rest of the team is informed.

  • The entire process is automatically documented for easy tracking.

Positive impacts

Faster communication for shorter response times at store branches.

Reduced workload for the head office.

Improved efficiency and accuracy in managing product recalls.

Less paperwork, no more need for faxes or emails.

Diagram of streamlined product recall communication processes in retail with ReAct Now, in English
Work with smart to-do lists
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How it works
  • Define and assign recurring and ad-hoc tasks with fixed deadlines.

  • Employees receive prompts on their smart devices to complete their tasks.

  • Once an employee confirms a task, others are instantly notified.

  • The entire process is automatically documented for easy tracking.

Positive impacts

Transparent communication and streamlined processes.

Improved collaboration between the control center and teams on the shop floor.

Reliable completion of routine tasks, nothing gets lost.

Reduced workload and stress for employees.

Speed up checkout
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How it works
  • If the queue at the cash register gets too long, an employee at the cashier desk presses the icon.

  • The team receives a notification on their radios or smart devices.

  • One employee takes on the task while others are informed.

  • Automatically, a customer announcement is made about opening a new register.

  • The light on the newly opened register turns on, and the process is automatically recorded.

Positive impacts

Faster and smoother PoS experience.

Reduced waiting times, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

Clear communication and task assignment within the team.

Efficient use of resources and optimized workflow.

Diagram of the checkout process with ReAct Lane Management, in English
Optimize bakery operations with actionable insights
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How it works
  • Implement our Call to Action platform to gather valuable data and log events.

  • Utilize the Analytics tool to gain insights into maintenance requests from baking machines.

  • Discover the correlation between escalated maintenance requests and above-average costs for baked goods.

  • Take strategic actions to improve processes and address cost inefficiencies based on these insights.

Positive impacts

Enhance processes with actionable insights.

Optimize store performance, focusing on cost savings.

Identify areas for resource optimization in the bakery department.

A desktop PC screen displaying the ReAct Analytics dashboardA desktop PC screen displaying the ReAct Analytics dashboard
Elevate sales with acoustic category management
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How it works
  • Divide the shop floor into distinct sound zones.

  • Customize music and timed advertising announcements for each zone.

  • Match the right sound to the right product to reflect the unique qualities of each category, like the difference between old wine and young vegetables.

Positive impacts

Create a relaxing environment through low-volume, functional music that reduces noise levels.

Extend shopper dwell time by up to 25%.

Drive sales with up to 17% higher average receipt amounts.

Foster customer confidence in the quality of your offerings and service.

English infographic displaying 20% increase in wine sales and 4% increase in fruit/vegetables sales with ReAct High Trust Soundscapes

Ready to take your operations to the next level?

Experience wow impact with little effort

We won't pretend to have all the solutions for your operational challenges. But you know what? When it comes to everything related to floor communication, our tools can make a real difference.

Happier employees

Empower teams with digital tools they love, allowing them to feel less stressed and more in control. This can boost employee satisfaction by up to 75% and make it easier to attract new talent.

Saved time & money

Simplify operations, boost productivity, and accomplish more in less time. Frontline workers can reduce walking by up to 75% and save up to 30 minutes per day on tasks.

Actionable insights

Easily gain insights into your store operations with our smart dashboard. Make informed decisions based on actual data and effortlessly transform your processes.

Higher machine uptime

Our tools help reduce downtime by up to 90%. From baking machines to reverse vending machines: Keep your equipment running smoothly and experience fewer disruptions.

Better customer service

Boosted motivation, reduced stress. Our tools empower teams to focus on what matters: delivering exceptional customer service and fostering loyalty. Shoppers also benefit with 15% fewer checkout queues.

Increased sales & profit

Maximize profitability by driving sales volume, increasing average basket size, and boosting revenue. Our clients see a 17% sales boost in individual categories.

Relaxed atmosphere

Say goodbye to disruptive announcements and create a calm and enjoyable atmosphere for both employees and shoppers. Stand out from the competition and boost customer dwell time by up to 25%.

Less energy waste

Make the most of your machines and use less energy. Connect freezers, fridges, or baking machines and receive instant notifications for open doors.

Flexible IoT integration

Enjoy future-proof tools that seamlessly integrate into the digital commerce landscape, adapting to your evolving needs. Our IoT integration capabilities include camera, inventory, SCO, EAS, WWS systems, and more.

Compatibility & security

Powerful tech doesn't have to be complicated. Our digital tools are simple, compatible, and easy to integrate with your existing infrastructure. Enjoy worry-free usage with regular updates and guaranteed security.


Simple, powerful, adaptive

Our app is designed for simplicity, because tech should work for people, not the other way around. No training or extensive language skills needed. With 50+ use cases, 40+ tasks, and 100+ announcements, you can start immediately and experience instant tangible value. Together, we'll align with your individual needs and create a perfect fit for your processes.

ReAct Now user interface for retail - Tablet with grid of icons on a teal background
Different mobile devices with the ReAct Now app installed


Your devices, your choice

Mix and match devices that fit your needs. Tablets, smartphones, headsets – simply choose what works best or utilize existing hardware. Special scanners for mobile data collection? No problem. Our digital toolbox seamlessly integrates with nearly all hardware options. Enjoy the flexibility you need with simple configuration to adapt to any scenario.


Just plug and play

All your data, in one place: Take control of your information with our easy-to-use backend. Customize processes and the app to suit your needs for smarter decisions, optimization, and growth. Our open ecosystem effortlessly integrates new devices using plug-and-play technology and APIs. Plus, we're GDPR-compliant, so your data is always safe. Of course.

An image displaying the logo of GK Software


Integration, simply seamless

Call to Action effortlessly integrates with GK Software's CLOUD4RETAIL platform. Enhance employee communication, control checkout zones, and notify customers in real-time based on events. Simple!

What our clients say

Join over 2,000 teams that are using our digital toolbox to get simply more done. Embraced by 100,000 employees across Europe, our tools can be true game-changers. Hear it straight from our happy clients.

Less legwork and announcements

“With ReAct, we successfully integrated our bottle return machines and other devices into our communication. This saves us unnecessary walks and eliminates the need for announcements. It creates a great shopping experience and keeps our employees happy!"

Oliver Jasperkaldeweh
Lüning Group
Easy to use 

"ReAct creates a pleasant,professional atmosphere, and it's a breeze to use."

Stephan Cunäus
Managing Director of E-Center Warnow Park GmbH
Solving new requirements

"We successfully implemented ReAct soundscapes and announcements in our store, even before the pandemic. In times like these, with the crisis, we've realized how much more the system has to offer. It allowed us to quickly and easily solve problems arising from new requirements. Without the ReAct system, we would have had to implement these changes in a very time-consuming and laborious manner."

Dieter Horn
Pleasant shopping atmosphere

"In my opinion, ReAct takesin-store communication to the next level and enables efficient interactionbetween customers and employees, which is handled silently in the backgroundand not noticeable to customers thanks to intelligent processes. Together withReAct's own Soundscapes, this creates a pleasant shopping atmosphere."

Stefan Schlüter
Real added value

"Die LeergutautomatenanbindungTomra/ReAct bietet einen schnelleren und storungstreien Mehrwert für unsereKunden und Mitarbeiter."

Christian Bendrin
A real time-saver 

"We save approximately half anhour per employee per day just in searching and checking."

Jens Jänecke
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Chevron pointing right

Tailored pricing for your unique needs

We have a simple, transparent, and fair pricing model that scales with your requirements. You don't have to buy anything but pay only for what you really need and use.

The price will be determined by several factors, including:

  • The specific tools you choose

  • The number of employees who will use the toolbox

  • The number of branches in your organization

  • The smart devices, software & other tools you already have

By the way, all of our clients have seen a quick ROI in under 6 months. With our modular approach, you can start small and expand at your own pace. Add more tools as needed, without any risk. We’d love to chat and find the perfect toolkit and pricing plan for you.

5 steps to your tailored solution

Unlocking your shop floor potential is our mission and what we care about. We listen, understand, and solve. And with agility as our superpower, we adapt to your evolving needs. Depending on your company size, implementation typically takes 4 weeks to 4 months. This is what your project with ReAct could look like.


Together, we delve into your requirements, processes, and technology to define the best solution.

Onsite integration

We analyze your shop floor technology, proposing seamless integrations for devices like filling and bakingmachines, and checkout areas.


Take the leap! Our system lands in your test environment or pilot area, allowing you to see our tools in action, try them out, and clarify project scope.

Operational & IT integration

We define operational processes, integrate with your corporate IT infrastructure, and craft a comprehensive rollout plan.

Plug & play

Productive from day one: Our tools are intuitive to use and quickly deployable. We provide support and regular updates for seamless operability.


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