RE/A Call to Action

Simply communicate on your retail or factory floor. Send messages and tasks to the right employees in real time, using smart devices. And, with the power of IoT communication, let your machines join the conversation too.

Connect employees & machines

Introducing the heart of our digital toolbox: Call to Action. This powerful platform creates a seamless human-machine ecosystem that keeps everyone in sync. Connect machines and employees on your retail or factory floor effortlessly, ensuring smooth processes and proactive maintenance. Customize and integrate with ease, thanks to ReAct's market-tested flexible system and intuitive interface.

Tablet, smartphones, and headset with ReAct Call to Action app

Call to Action ist eine leistungsstarke Plattform, die Interaktionen zwischen Menschen und Maschinen in Einzelhandels- und Fabrikumgebungen effizient verwaltet. Wann immer ein Prozess menschliches Eingreifen erfordert, liefert Call to Action den Handlungsimpuls genau an die geeigneten Personen aus. Das Ergebnis: reibungslose Prozesse, größtmögliche Transparenz und zufriedenere Mitarbeiter. Teams auf der Fläche können mehr Aufgaben in kürzerer Zeit erledigen und profitieren von einem angenehmen Benutzererlebnis.

Smooth operations & happy employees

Call to Action is a powerful platform that helps efficiently manage interactions between humans and machines on retail and factory floors – improving efficiency, transparency, and employee satisfaction. Whenever human intervention is required, the platform precisely delivers tasks to the relevant employees in real time, ensuring smooth processes. This way, it empowers frontline workers to get more done in less time while delivering an enjoyable user experience. 

Modular & easy to integrate 

Call to Action communicates with all sub-systems and services, reliably transporting tasks between devices and teams as well as between employees. Open interfaces and standard industry protocols enable effortless integration into your existing IoT landscape. And because it's modular, Call to Action is easy to customize and adapt to your unique internal processes.

Data sovereignty & control

As a user, you maintain full data sovereignty and control over your information. Call to Action prioritizes data security and privacy, so you can be sure your data is safe at all times.

“With Call to Action, we've created a tool that empowers people and machines on the shop floor to achieve operational excellence. And the best part? It's simple and intuitive, just as it should be."

Patrick Langeslag - Co-Founder & CFO

Unlock the power of simplicity 

Experience endless possibilities with our platform that adapts to your requirements and setup. Simple as that.


The platform offers almost endless possibilities as it can be easily adapted to your specific requirements.


The open interface allows for quick integration into your existing infrastructure.


The software is compatible with a wide range of hardware and is future-proof, allowing seamless integration with desired devices and new services.


The platform seamlessly integrates with your existing IT security infrastructure and can be operated in a public cloud or on-premises.


The system is cost-effective to install, maintain, and operate, often without the need for additional hardware.


Simply intuitive

The Call to Action app offers an intuitive interface, with easy-to-understand icons that seamlessly integrate into your existing processes. Assign tasks to specific employees who can accept and confirm them, while everyone involved receives transparent updates on progress. Our clients report that their employees love using the app, and we're pretty sure yours will too.

Tablet with the ReAct call-to-action app
Tablet, smartphones, and headset with ReAct Call to Action app


Simply choose

Tailor our platform to your needs by selecting from a range of hardware options. Whether it's tablets, smartphones, headsets, or specialized devices with scanners for mobile data collection (MDE), we provide seamless integration with the Call to Action platform. Flexibly choose the devices that best suit your requirements and workflow.


Simple data management

Take full control over system management with our backend solution. Data from various sources converge here, allowing you to configure both the backend and the app to meet your specific requirements. With an open ecosystem based on well-known standards, integrating new APIs is fast and easy. Use the collected data to optimize your business, increasing productivity, resource utilization, and revenue.

A computer screen with the ReAct Analytics dashboard


All your data, safe and secure

ReAct is committed to keeping your data secure and private. We understand that full control over your information is key. That's why our Call to Action platform complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You can rest easy knowing that your data is safe and your teams can work with peace of mind.

A seamless human-machine ecosystem

With Call to Action, the possibilities are virtually limitless. Effortlessly integrate with existing systems, expand as needed, and easily access data to enhance operations. Discover how the platform works and future-proof your business with ease.

Organization chart of the technical networking of employees, platforms and devices using the ReAct call-to-action software

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