Say yeah to smooth industry operations

What if you could effortlessly enhance employee satisfaction and achieve optimal machine performance? Imagine boosting productivity, saving time and resources, and creating a great working environment. Our digital toolbox for industry makes it simple.

3 digital tools for industry success

At ReAct, we believe that efficient industry operations start with smart communication that empowers factory floor teams. The simple way. Discover our digital toolbox for industry with 3 flexible solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs. Perfect for companies in sectors like manufacturing, engineering, and food production.

RE/A Call to Action
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What's happening today:

Factory floor communication can be chaotic and inefficient – with noise, unnecessary running around to find colleagues, and unnoticed machine alerts causing downtime. It creates stress and limits productivity.

How the tool helps:

The Call to Action platform creates a human-machine ecosystem that keeps everyone in sync. From assigning tasks to notifying everyone when they’re completed: Everything happens seamlessly on smart devices in real time. Plus, the tool empowers machines with a voice, allowing them to communicate with the right employees so they can stay ahead of maintenance issues. No more disruptions, just smooth processes.

RE/A Task Management
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What's happening today:

Managing factory floor teams and tasks is a challenge. Keeping everything organized and ensuring nothing gets overlooked can feel like a juggling act, affecting productivity and teamwork.

How the tool helps:

Introducing our Task Management tool, designed to streamline your factory floor operations. It's your smart to-do list, enabling you to centralize and delegate tasks based on roles. Effortlessly create tickets, manually or with machine integration. With real-time task status updates and full transparency, you can ensure everything gets done, and nothing gets lost. Say goodbye to task-related headaches and hello to streamlined operations.

RE/A Analytics
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What's happening today:

Imagine the impact on your business if you could truly understand what disruptions occur in your factory every day. Instead of relying on guesswork, what if you had easy access to insights that reveal the bigger picture and trends hidden within your data?

How the tool helps:

From simple assembly operations and machine processes to highly automated mass production processes and all communication happening via the Call to Action platform: Our user-friendly Analytics tool unlocks valuable insights and essential messages from your data. Discover trends, optimize operations, and make informed decisions that drive efficiency and productivity. With a customized smart dashboard, say goodbye to complex data analysis and hello to actionable insights.

Process Optimization for Industry

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Better operations, one tool at a time

Multiple roles, countless tasks, one simple toolbox. Get inspired by how our solutions help factory floor teams deliver their best.

Seamlessly integrate machines
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How it works
  • The machine is connected to the ReAct ecosystem, using either digital or analog integration methods.

  • OEE and preventive maintenance concepts are supported in real-time through digital or analog signal processing.

  • Responsible employees receive immediate notifications on their smart devices.

  • Task confirmation by one employee triggers instant notifications to others.

Positive impacts

Minimize machine downtime.

Optimize overall operations for improved efficiency.

Prevent potential machine damage and extend equipment lifespan.

Diagram that visualizes the automatic reporting of machines to employees using the ReAct app
Request forklifts in real time
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How it works
  • Using their smart device, an employee can request a forklift to pick up materials or collect a manufacturing order.

  • A member of the logistics team immediately takes on this task.

  • The inquiring employee is automatically informed that the colleague is on his way.

  • Automated documentation makes it easy to keep track of the process.

Positive impacts

Streamlined workflow with real-time communication.

Faster order fulfillment and improved operational efficiency.

Reduced manual coordination efforts, leading to increased productivity and time savings.

Diagram that visualizes an employee's request for a forklift deployment using the ReAct app
Resolve machine issues instantly
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How it works
  • Before a machine encounters a problem, control room employees are instantly notified on their smart devices.

  • They can quickly check the details on their screens.

  • The control room employee assigns the task to qualified colleagues on the factory floor.

  • One employee accepts the task, and the rest of the team is informed.

  • The process is automatically documented.

Positive impacts

Increase availability and productivity of the machine by quickly addressing issues.

Reduce workload, leading to increased employee satisfaction.

Diagram that visualizes the reporting of a technical problem from a machine to the control room using the ReAct app
Work with smart to-do lists
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How it works
  • Define and/or assign recurring and ad-hoc tasks with fixed deadlines.

  • Employees receive prompts on their smart devices to complete their tasks.

  • Once an employee confirms a task, others are instantly notified.

  • The entire process is automatically documented for easy tracking.

Positive impacts

Transparent communication and streamlined processes.

Improved collaboration between the control center and teams on the factory floor.

Reliable completion of routine tasks, nothing gets lost.

Reduced workload and stress for employees.

Schematic explanation of how ReAct automatically delegates tasks to employees, e.g. to retool a machine
Optimize operations with actionable insights
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How it works
  • Implement our Call To Action platform to collect machine data and log events.

  • Utilize the Analytics tool to gain insights into maintenance requests from a molding machine.

  • Discover the correlation between escalated maintenance requests and above-average operational costs.

  • Take strategic actions to improve processes and address cost inefficiencies based on these insights.

Positive impacts

Enhance operational processes with actionable insights.

Optimize overall performance, focusing on cost savings.

Identify areas for resource optimization in the production line.

A computer screen with the ReAct Analytics dashboard

Ready to take your operations to the next level?

Experience wow impact with little effort

We won't pretend to have all the solutions for your operational challenges. But you know what? When it comes to everything related to floor communication, our tools can make a real difference.

Happier employees

Empower teams with digital tools they love, allowing them to feel less stressed and more in control. This can boost employee satisfaction by up to 75% and make it easier to attract new talent.

Saved time & money

Accomplish more in less time and enjoy a more productive and connected team. With smart, direct communication, employees can save up to 30 minutes per day on tasks because there is much less unnecessary walking.

Actionable insights

Easily gain insights into your store operations with our smart dashboard. Make informed decisions based on actual data and effortlessly transform your processes.

Higher machine uptime

Enjoy smooth operations with minimal disruptions. Our tools support preventive maintenance to reduce downtime. Easily pinpoint downtime causes, fix issues, and improve overall equipment effectiveness.

Smoother production

Accelerate lead times, optimize throughput, and boost profitability the simple way. Our tools help you streamline operations, meet customer demands, and deliver quality. On time, every time.

Enhanced sustainability

Make your machines smart and achieve waste reduction. Our tools help extend machine lifetime, optimize resource utilization,  driving sustainability and cost savings in your operations.

Easier task management

Organize, track, and collaborate on tasks effortlessly – even across shifts. Our tools help streamline resource planning and keep everyone in synch. Let your teams get stuff done with ease.

Quiet work environment

Our solutions enable machines to communicate silently with frontline workers, creating a calm atmosphere on your factory floor. This allows for focused work without the distraction or stress of disruptive alarms.

Compatibility & security

Powerful tech doesn't have to be complicated. Our digital tools are simple, compatible, and easy to integrate with your existing infrastructure. Enjoy worry-free usage with regular updates and guaranteed security.


Simple, intuitive, joyful

Tech should work for people, not the other way around. That's why our app is designed for simplicity, with intuitive icons. No training and little to no language skills needed. It's adaptable to your processes and brings joy to your team's work. Our clients report that their employees love it, and we're pretty sure yours will too.

ReAct Now user interface for industry - Tablet with grid of icons on a teal background
Tablet, smartphones, and headset with ReAct Call to Action app


Your devices, your choice

Mix and match devices that fit your needs. Tablets, smartphones, headsets – simply choose what works best or utilize existing hardware. Special scanners for mobile data collection? No problem. Our digital toolbox seamlessly integrates with nearly all hardware options. Enjoy the flexibility you need with simple configuration to adapt to any scenario.


Data control made easy

All your data, in one place: Take control of your information with our easy-to-use backend. Customize processes and the app to suit your needs for smarter decisions, optimization, and growth. Our open ecosystem effortlessly integrates new devices using plug-and-play technology and APIs. Plus, we're GDPR-compliant, so your data is always safe. Of course.

A computer screen with the ReAct Analytics dashboard

What our clients say

Join over 2,000 teams that are using our digital toolbox to get simply more done. Embraced by 100,000 employees across Europe, our tools can be true game-changers. Hear it straight from our happy clients.

Datenbasierter Erfolg

"Wir sammeln Daten von verschiedenen Maschinentypen und teilen sie mit unserem Team. Das hat uns geholfen, den Nachschub zu automatisieren und die Produktionsprozesse zu optimieren. Beeindruckend!"

Christoph B.
Digitalisierungsexperte bei einem deutschen Hersteller
Keine unnötigen Laufwege

"Kleine Veränderungen können zu erheblichen Einsparungen führen. Mit ReAct eliminieren wir ineffiziente Laufwege unserer Mitarbeiter auf der Fläche."

Helmut M.
CTO eines deutschen Automobilunternehmens
Ein Win-Win-Lösung

"Es ist schwer, passende Produkte auf dem Markt zu finden. Wenn ein Anbieter die Lösung entwickeln kann, ist das ein Win-Win. Und genau das haben wir mit ReAct gefunden."

Jürgen K.
Leiter IT bei einem deutschen Hersteller

Tailored pricing for your unique needs

We have a simple, transparent, and fair pricing model that scales with your requirements. You don't have to buy anything but pay only for what you really need and use.

The price will be determined by several factors, including:

  • The specific tools you choose

  • The number of employees who will use the toolbox

  • The number of branches in your organization

  • The smart devices, software & other tools you already have

By the way, all of our customers have seen a quick ROI in under 6 months. With our modular approach, you can start small and expand at your own pace. Add more tools as needed, without any risk. We’d love to chat and find the perfect toolkit and pricing plan for you.

5 steps to your tailored solution

Unlocking your shop floor potential is our mission and what we care about. We listen, understand, and solve. And with agility as our superpower, we adapt to your evolving needs. Depending on your company size, implementation typically takes 4 weeks to 4 months. This is what your project with ReAct could look like.


Together, we delve into your requirements, processes, and technology to define the best solution.

Onsite integration

We analyze your shop floor technology, proposing seamless integrations for devices like filling and bakingmachines, and checkout areas.


Take the leap! Our system lands in your test environment or pilot area, allowing you to see our tools in action, try them out, and clarify project scope.

Operational & IT integration

We define operational processes, integrate with your corporate IT infrastructure, and craft a comprehensive rollout plan.

Plug & play

Productive from day one: Our tools are intuitive to use and quickly deployable. We provide support and regular updates for seamless operability.