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Compose new shopping experiences with the instore radio

Simply sell more with functional music. Instore radio is an innovative solution to not only reach customers, but also to inspire them in a completely new way. Create a unique shopping ambience that keeps your customers engaged, resulting in longer stays and higher sales.

Discover new sounds: Instore radio plays the melody for your retail success!

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From quiet sounds to loud successes: Instore radio on the wave of success

Gentle sounds, great effect

More success with sounds that are perceived subliminally: ReaAct Now’s instore radio transports you into pleasant worlds of sound – very quietly, close to the threshold oft he unconscious. In contrast to conventional supermarket music, which many customers find annoying, our soundscapes create an acoustic ambience that is not only pleasant, but also masks unwanted noises in the store. The result is a feel-good atmosphere that extends the length of stay and can increase sales in individual departments by up to 17 %.

Delight customers & sell more

Say goodbye to disruptive noise and hello to a superior shopping experience – with our High Trust Soundscapes tool. Functional music is more than just background sounds. It’s music with intention, designed to enhance individual experiences. Scientific studies have confirmed its powerful effects.

At ReAct Now, we harness the concept of functional music and apply it to our instore radio. Each sound world is meticulously tailored to suit the products and corporate identity of your store, creating a truly immersive and engaging environment.

Variety of music for an efficient sales area

Discover a new dimension of shopping with our instore radio. Our customized playlists provide a pleasant and appropriate atmosphere for your point of sale (POS). Unlike a repetitive brand song, our playlist evolves organically and includes over 30.000 tracks specifically optimized for shopping.

Whether you want a relaxed atmosphere for a cozy shopping experience or an energetic mood for more dynamism, our instore radio underlines the desired shopping ambience. It also adapts flexibly to special features and is generally free from GEMA and other collecting societies, so there are no additional fees.

Further resounding advantages: Discover the versatility

But that’s not all! Our instore radio solution offers wide range of other benefits:

  • Cross-store planning: Playlists are selected and the software is managed across all stores. In addition, professionally recorded commercials can be easily integrated into the content plan.
  • Audio targeting: Thanks to different audio zones, you can play product-related advertising in the relevant areas of your store. You can also flexibly adapt the music selection to the respective areas and to seasonal events such as Easter, Halloween or Christmas.
  • Reduced stress levels: Instore music not only has a positive effect on the customer experience, but also on your employees. Harmonious sounds have proven to reduce stress, leading to a more relaxed working environment.

Treat your customers and employees to an incomparable sound experience and increase the appeal of your store with our instore radio.

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RE/A Instore Radio

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Creating an amazing atmosphere with an instore radio

Experience the numerous benefits of instore radios: smooth integration, longer dwell time and higher sales. In summary positive effects on customers and employees in the sales area as well as an general enhancement of your business.

Tailor the ambience of your store

Create a pleasant atmosphere in your store that not only keeps customers around longer but also boosts sales. With our instore radio you can define different sound zones on the sales floor and tailor the audio experience to the products you’re selling.

Imagine the soothing sounds of well-aged wine or the vibrant ambience of fresh vegetables – so called high trust soundscapes can create an unique audio backdrop that complements your products and enhances the overall shopping experience.

Another positive effect is that the harmoniously tuned soundscapes can reduce stress levels for frontline workers, making their work more relaxed and pleasant.

Increase dwell time & sales

Immerse your customers in a unique sound and shopping experience with perfectly coordinated instore music. Our high trusted soundscapes reduce the perceived noise in the store and create a relaxing atmosphere that improves the quality of their visit. In addition, the psychologically activating musical ambience has a decelerating effect. As a result, customers automatically stay longer in the store and explore the products, which in turn increases the likelihood of a purchase. Perfectly coordinated music has also been proven to have a positive influence on sales of high-priced products.

With harmonius sounds, you can create a captivating environment that keeps customers engaged: Our clients report up to 25% higher dwell times. Overall, soundscapes create a sense of trust and security, leading to an improved perception of the service experience.

Integrate the tool with ease

Integrating the instore radio tool into your existing audio infrastructure is a breeze. In addition the playlists are updated overnight. Our system doesn’t require any streaming and therefore does not need a continuous internet connection to access the songs. This means that there is no unnecessary strain on your bandwidth. Thanks to seamless integration, you can effortlessly enhance the audio experience in your store without any hassle. Upgrade your audio infrastructure with High Trust Soundscapes and enjoy a seamless and improved audio environment – for your customers and also your employees.

By the way, our music is free of third-party rights, meaning no additional fees for you from collecting societies.

Instore radio in Action

Elevate sales with acoustic category management

How it works
  1. Divide the shop floor areas into distinct sound zones and soundscapes.
  2. Customize music and timed advertising announcements for each zone.
  3. Match the right sound to the right product to reflect the unique qualities of each category and brand and set the right impulses. Because young vegetables sound different to mature wine.
Positive impacts
  • Create a relaxing environment through low-volume, functional music that reduces noise levels.
  • Extend shopper dwell time by up to 25%.
  • Drive bonus sales with up to 17% higher average receipt amounts.
  • Foster customer confidence in the quality of your offering and service.
Infographic on the benefits of High Trust Soundscapes, which increase sales by up to 20% in the wine department and up to 4% in the fruit department

What our clients say

An in-store radio can deliver a lot of benefits for retailers. But don’t just take our word for it. Hear from our customers who report the positive effects. See for yourself how the carefully curated program of in-store radio has not only changed the atmosphere in their stores, but also significantly improved their customers’ shopping experience.

Successful deployment

“We really appreciate the ReAct Now system and use the soundscapes and announcements successfully in our market.”

Peter G.
Market manager of a supermarket in western Germany
More trust from customers

“I’m really impressed by the positive impact ReAct Now’s soundscapes have on customer confidence – we can feel it in many customer conversations.”

Rita L.
Pharmacist in northern Germany
Significant increase in sales

“In some departments, the dwell time has increased significantly, which has a very positive effect on the till receipt.”

Falko M.
Self-employed businessman in northeast Germany

Retail store radio 2.0: All the flexibility you need

In today’s dynamic retail landscape, it is crucial to be able to respond flexibly to the ever-changing needs and desires of your customers. This is where our in-store radio comes into play: it can be easily integrated into any existing sound system and flexibly adapted to your needs. The simple integration allows you to start improving the customer experience in your store or supermarket right away, without a lot of effort or complicated installations. Why make it complicated when you can make it simple?

Effortless backend control

Our instore radio can be easily configured through a user-friendly operation mask. In addition to the music selection, you can theoretically also define specific days of the week or times for commercials, according to your individual requirements. It is potentially possible to control individual stores or even thousands of stores centrally with the help of clear and concise templates.

Ein Computerbildschirm mit dem ReAct Now Instore-Radio 
Lautsprecher, der mit React Now Instore-Radio problemlos integriert werden kann.

Seamless hardware integration

No need to replace your existing sound system. Our instore radio software seamlessly integrates with your existing audio setup through plug and play, ensuring a hassle-free experience and preserving the investment you’ve made in your hardware.

Simple pricing,
no hassle

At ReAct Now, we keep things simple with straightforward pricing and a hassle-free experience. Our instore radio comes with a simple monthly license fee. Plus, our music is free from any third-party rights, which means no extra fees from collecting societies.


Discover real-world success stories and industry insights in our case studies.

Better service in pharmacies

Exploring the influence of sound on the service experience in travel agencies.

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Better service in travel agencies

Investigating the impact of sound on the service experience in pharmacies.

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More turnover in the wine department

Examining the role of sound at the point of sale in the wine department.

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More sales in convenience stores

Analyzing the effect of sound at the point of sale in convenience stores.

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Whether you’re starting from scratch and need help with planning or you’re looking for support with configuration, commissioning, or ongoing maintenance, we’ve got you covered. Our team of friendly service and sales experts is here to assist you with any questions you might have about the Call to Action platform or the instore radio. And don’t worry about distance. We can connect you with a ReAct Now partner who is conveniently located near you.

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FAQs – Instore Radio

Can an instore radio help to promote special promotions or products in my supermarket?

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Yes, absolutely. By integrating radio spots, you can advertise special products or promotions in your supermarket. These spots, as well as the music selection, can be timed to air exactly when it is most effective to grab your customers’ attention and influence their purchasing decisions.

Are the music and commercials in instore radio systems free of charge?

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Our in-store radio solution offers a wide selection of royalty-free soundtracks and commercials. This means that no additional fees for public performance have to be paid to GEMA or similar collecting societies, making the solution cost-efficient and easy to use.

How can I tailor the contet of my instore radio to my target group?

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Our in-store retail radio has an extensive library of soundtracks and spots specifically designed to appeal to different target groups. Customized radio spots can also be easily implemented. We will be happy to advise you on which music selection is suitable for which sound zone and take care of system maintenance for you. Together, we can ensure that the content is perfectly tailored to your customers and their preferences.

How do royalty-free music and radio spots specifically tailored to the target group affect shopping behavior?

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Relaxed sounds and coordinated radio spots have a direct influence on the atmosphere in the supermarket and therefore on customers’ shopping mood. In this context, one also speaks of a psychologically activating music ambience that is played in the background.

A relaxing and well-conceived musical accompaniment creates a pleasant shopping atmosphere that invites customers to spend more time in the store. At the same time, the shopping radio enables the presentation of advertising and information in a way that attracts customers’ attention. By providing an engaging program of harmonious sounds and visual content tailored to your target audience, you create a shopping environment that invites shoppers to linger and enhances the overall shopping experience.

What are the benefits of ReAct Now’s instore radio?

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The benefits of instore radio extend to creating a pleasant shopping atmosphere, increasing customer satisfaction, extending dwell time and influencing purchasing behavior. It can also be used to communicate promotions, events and important information to increase your company’s sales.