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Bringing wow to retail and factory floor communication

Simplify communication and operations in retail and industry with ReAct Now. With a digital toolbox that connects everyone (and everything – including every conceivable function) on your company’s shop floor.

Supermarket employee with apron holds tablet running the ReAct app for retail.

ReAct Now for Retail

Streamline processes, boost employee happiness, and deliver better service to your customers. With our digital solutions for retail, it’s simple.

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ReAct Now for Industry

Boost productivity and Overall Equipment Effectiveness, keep your team happy, and ensure smooth machine performance. Our digital solutions for industry make complex functions easier to use in your business.

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Tablet, smartphones, and headset with ReAct Call to Action app

Your digital tools for operational excellence

Discover our digital toolbox with 5 fully integrated solutions that can be mixed and matched to your needs. Perfect for Retail and Industry! Use ReAct Now to streamline communication and workflows in:

  • supermarkets,
  • discount stores,
  • fashion stores, full-line stores
  • and grocery stores.
  • Also in industrial companies,
  • machine parks,
  • manufacturing and other asset-intensive businesses.

Our flexible platform modules help you to work smarter, not harder! Simplify communication and processes on the shop floor and empower seamless human-machine interactions.

ReAct Now – simply: Wow!

Tool 01

RE/A Call to Action-Communication app

Communicate easily and efficiently by sending messages and tasks to the right people in real time through smart devices. And with intelligent infrastructure communication (IoT), your machines can join the conversation too.

Tool 02

RE/A Task Management

Simply manage tasks – with smart to-do lists that keep your teams on track. Effortlessly create tickets, either manually or with machine integration. With ReAct Now, you can easily share information, keep track of critical events, and apply instructions efficiently. Everything gets done, nothing gets lost.

Tool 03

RE/A Checkout area management

Simply speed up the checkout process – and trigger actions for a smooth, automated process. Reduce wait times and keep your customers and staff happy.

Tool 04

RE/A Analytics

Simply get insights – create transparency and make sense of what’s going on your shop floor. Identify trends and make informed decisions to optimize your business processes.

Tool 05

RE/A Instore radio

Simply sell more – increase your sales effortlessly with functional music that creates a pleasant shopping atmosphere and improves the customer experience. The result: Customers stay longer and buy more.

Custom solutions for your needs

At ReAct Now, we help you find the perfect solution for your business – no matter the size or challenges. Our dedicated team will work hand-in-hand, customizing our tools to meet your unique needs and every function within your company.

Shop floor challenges –
ReAct Now has the Solutions

Shop floors can be chaotic and noisy, with communication breakdowns and operational inefficiencies leading to lost revenue and unnecessary overtime. At ReAct Now, we get it, and we’re here to help. Let’s check out some of the most common challenges. Do any of these sound familiar?

End the endless legwork

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Tired of frontline workers running back and forth to communicate and get things done? Our communication tool, available in five different versions, simplifies and streamlines interactions and workflows in your company, so your teams can be truly productive. With clear and role-specific task communication, your employees know exactly where to go and what to do.

Less stress for your employees

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Stressed employees are less productive and more likely to make mistakes, which can lead to decreased turnover and morale. Let's keep the good vibes going! Our tools help establish clear responsibilities through structured task distribution. Frontline workers always know what to do, leading to increased job satisfaction.

Goodbye noisy atmosphere

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In a noisy work environment, it can be difficult to concentrate and communicate efficiently, which can lead to misunderstandings and loss of productivity over time. Our communication software brings peace and quiet to your store. It improves communication channels so that your employees can communicate clearly, even in a noisy environment. This also positively affects the shopping atmosphere for your customers, as there are no more disturbing loudspeaker announcements or shouting between employees.

Prevent machine downtime

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Machine downtime can be costly and frustrating, as it leads to decreased productivity and throughput in the long run. With ReAct Now, you implement preventive maintenance and service management that helps keep your machines running. In case of problems and malfunctions, the right employees are immediately notified, even before production losses or downtime occur.

ReAct Now: A tool for every task

See how our tools help retail and industry floor teams in action.

Work with smart to-do lists

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How it works
  1. Define and assign recurring and ad-hoc tasks with fixed deadlines.
  2. Employees receive prompts on their smart devices to complete their tasks.
  3. Once an employee confirms a task, others are instantly informed.
  4. The process is automatically documented for easy tracking thanks to real-time status updates.
Positive impacts
  • Transparent communication & streamlined processes
  • Improved collaboration between the control center and teams on the shop floor
  • Reliable completion of routine tasks, nothing gets lost
  • Reduced workload and stress for employees
  • Up to 75% higher employee satisfaction thanks to clear work and daily routines.
Mobile device user interface with a smart to-do list and progress indicators for structured processes in retail

Send audio requests in real time

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How it works
  1. An employee uses theirsmart device to send an audio request to the team.
  2. A colleague accepts therequest in real time, and everyone is notified immediately.
  3. The colleague responds with an audio message.
Positive impacts
  • Effortless, fast, and discreet communication
  • Streamlined processes for improved efficiency
  • Walking distances reduced by up to 75%
  • Empowered employees and reduced stress levels
User interface of a mobile device with a ReAct Now real-time audio request for discreet retail communication

Seamless machine integration

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How it works
  1. A machine is integrated into the ReAct Now ecosystem.
  2. The machine proactively reports any issues to the team before they occur.
  3. Responsible employees receive immediate notifications on their smart devices.
  4. Task confirmation by one employee triggers instant notifications to others.
Positive impacts
  • Minimize machine downtime by up to 90 %
  • Optimize overall operations for improved efficiency
  • Prevent potential machine damage and extend equipment lifespan
  • Improved overall equipment effectiveness / OEE
ReAct Now mobile device user interface with machine low level notification to minimize machine downtime in the industry

You can expect up to:

  • +75%

    Employee satisfaction


    Sales in individual categories


    Customer dwell time

    <6 mo.

    Return on invest

ReAct Now: Benefits for retail

  • Calmer atmosphere

    Create a calm and focused shop floor. Delight both employees and customers with a pleasant atmosphere and exceptional shopping experience without noisy disruptions.

  • Faster checkout experience

    Reduce queues and effortlessly speed up critical processes like cancellation requests, notifying store management, triggering alarms, and more. Our communication tools help create a seamless, hassle-free PoS experience that your customers will love. And your teams too.

  • Stronger customer connections

    Build lasting customer relationships with ReAct Now. Our tools empower your frontline workers to deliver better service, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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You can expect up to:

  • +30 min.

    Productive time per day/employee


    Machine downtime


    Walking distance

    <6 mo.

    Return on investment

ReAct Now: Benefits for industry

  • Smoother production

    Optimize your production processes and minimize unexpected downtime. With ReAct Now’s innovative solutions, you benefit from higher efficiency, quality, and productivity. Our tools seamlessly integrate processes, allowing you to optimize operations and improve the overall effectiveness of your equipment (OEE). Simple!

  • Higher machine availibility & reduced downtime

    Keep machines and systems running reliably with ReAct Now tools. Machine status information and preventive maintenance concepts are not only supported by digital and analog signal processing in real time, but also communicated to the responsible employees just in time. This reduces downtime and keeps operations running smoothly. Saving time and resources has never been easier.

  • More efficient task management

    Organize, track, and collaborate on tasks effortlessly – even across shifts. Our role-based task management tools help you optimize resource planning, boost productivity, and ensure projects are completed on time.

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Number of daily tasks that customers improve with ReAct Now

Over 2 million

Real Feedback,
real happiness with ReAct Now

Our tools have been implemented in more than 2,000 branches globally, serving a user base of 100,000 individuals. Don’t take our word for it, see what our happy clients have to say.

Faster and smoother experience

"ReAct Now’s integration of the empty bottle return machines offers a quicker and hassle-free advantage for both our customers and our staff."

Christian Bendrin
Standing out from the competition

"The integration of ReAct Now’s soundscapes and announcements has been a tremendous help to us. Since its implementation, our shopping area has been free from annoying ads, rushed announcements, or inappropriate music. This allows us to provide a shopping experience that truly sets us apart from other supermarkets."

Alexander Elskamp
Pleasant shopping atmospehere

"In my opinion, ReAct Now takes in-store communication to the next level and enables efficient interaction between customers and employees, which is handled silently in the background and not noticeable to customers thanks to intelligent processes. Together with ReAct Now's own Soundscapes, this creates a pleasant shopping atmosphere."

Stefan Schlüter
A real time-saver

"We save approximately half an hour per employee per day just in searching and checking."

Jens Jänecke
Easy handling

"ReAct Now creates a pleasant, professional atmosphere, and it's a breeze touse."

Stephan Cunäus
Managing Director of E-Center Warnow Park GmbH
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Tailored solutions at a price that works for you

At ReAct Now, we understand that your business is unique. Our proactive and solution-oriented approach means we deliver customized solutions that work seamlessly for you. With our flexible monthly subscription model (SaaS), you’ll enjoy low upfront costs and see an ROI in less than 6 months – usually even faster. Let’s connect and discuss your needs. We’re excited to help you succeed!