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Revolutionize your checkout area

Fed up with long queues at the checkout? No problem: with the advanced checkout area management system from ReAct Now, we have the right solution for you. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, you can create a shopping experience that not only delights your customers, but also relieves your employees. The perfect win-win solution!

The revolution for your point of sale: Trim your checkout zone for maximum performance.

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Cash register monitor with ReAct Now UI, which shows various icons

Check-out with Wow: The advantages of our checkout area management system

Tough queues, time-consuming price enquiries and stressed employees – long waits and chaos in the checkout area can put customers off and make them less loyal, causing them to make their next purchase elsewhere. But it does not have to be this way! With the system from ReAct Now, you can counteract this and significantly reduce waiting times in the checkout area – even on busy days.

Higher customer satisfaction through efficient communication

Our digital cash register management system can manage up to 50 cash registers – without bringing your business to a standstill. Assembly and installation is a breeze and is usually completed within a very short time.

The system manages a wide range of processes that make your employees’ day-to-day work easier and go largely unnoticed by customers. From opening an additional till and calling the store manager to checking prices or calling a colleague to clean the till – all this happens in the background. Without your customers being disturbed during their shopping experience.

Goodbye stress: comprehensive employee relief

Depending on the request, the cashier can send customisable audio and text messages to the relevant colleagues on the floor. They are informed of the request and can respond immediately. If the task is processed, the other employees automatically receive a message. This means that existing personnel resources are utilised more efficiently and capacity is no longer wasted. Planning staff deployment is simplified enormously.

In short: with the ReAct Now cash register system, you experience maximum relief in your business! The system ...

  • reduces the workload of checkout staff,
  • optimises staff deployment,
  • simplifies communication,
  • saves time,
  • reduces stress
  • and ensures smooth processes - both at the checkout and on the sales floor.

Theft prevention and immediate notification

Our software also contributes to theft prevention. Existing anti-theft systems such as EAS antennas can be seamlessly integrated into the POS control system and immediately trigger a notification to your employees in the event of theft. In addition, the messaging function enables a quick and discreet request for additional assistance without disturbing customers.

No more change - no problem

The ReAct Now checkout area management system enables precise and accurate communication. In addition to automated customer announcements and the option to request help and enquire about prices, you can also easily request change. With just a few clicks in the app, you can let your colleagues know how much change you need, saving them the hassle of having to walk around. You can even specify exactly which coins are missing.

The advantage: less walking for the cashiers, always the right change, shorter waiting times and satisfied customers.

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Customer guidance system 4.0 – digital and fully integrable

The digital checkout control system can be easily implemented in the other ReAct Now communication and audio modules as well as in the CLOUD4RETAIL platform from GK Software and configured according to your individual requirements. Like a digital construction kit, you can add further modules from the ReAct Now portfolio at any time.

In addition, the entire checkout control system can be controlled both from afar via remote maintenance and on the spot. The control elements on the checkouts and tablets are user-friendly and easy to operate.

Innovation without hardware conversion

Not to forget: The ReAct Now checkout management system is compatible with your existing infrastructure. Whether it’s the checkout counter including checkout barriers, the cigarette verding machines and value boxes, lights, radio headsets or customer counting systems – it is generally not necessary to convert the hardware. You can integrate the system quickly and easily, without the need for shopfitting support.

Control of the entire checkout periphery

In short: With ReAct Now, managing your entire checkout area peripherals is a breeze. You can easily manage automatic light flag control, customer announcements, the opening of additional tills as well as till and cigarette verding machines. In addition, it allows you to notify store management (e.g. in the event of cancellations) or colleagues (e.g. during cleaning), resulting in an optimised cashier area and reduced staff workload.

Thus, you are assured to keep your checkout area under control. Modern. Digital. Flexible.

Revolutionize your checkout zone now!
GK ReAct Integration
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Cash register control system deluxe: Increased efficiency & customer satisfaction

With the smart checkout area management system from ReAct Now, not only you as a store manager and your team, but also your customers benefit across the board. The challenges in the cashier area are numerous and extend beyond endlessly long queues. You have to check prices, ask employees for help or make voice announcements to customers. With the ReAct Now software solution, you can efficiently coordinate and manage these and other tasks. With the overarching goal of reducing queues and speeding up check-out processes.

Additional benefits at a glance:

  • Optimised market communication
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduction in the workload of your employees
  • Control of the entire checkout peripherals
  • Less training required to implement the ReAct Now software
  • Smooth integration and linking with existing systems

Minimal training, maximum power

Once the software is integrated into your checkout area, it is characterised above all by its user-friendliness and flexibility. It is easy to operate and can be customised to meet the individual requirements of your store. It only takes a few minutes to familiarise yourself with the system and you’re ready to go: Announcements, price enquiries to colleagues, opening a new till or even controlling lights and other peripheral devices (e.g. cigarette verding machines) are just a touch of a button away. This takes the strain off your employees and minimises disruptive background noise at the same time.

Software Deployment Without Interruption

Our checkout control system can be easily integrated into your existing checkout/POS software. Thanks to the integration of the GK Software, we do not need any additional hardware (e.g. tablets) at the checkouts. The ReAct Now system can be easily implemented and linked to the existing infrastructure, such as checkout lights, cigarette verding machines, value boxes, checkout barriers, etc. Therefore there is no need to convert or modernise the shop fitting.

Customer satisfaction with just a click

The efficiency of checkout processes is significantly improved, which in turn has a positive impact on the customer’s shopping experience. For example, if a second checkout is required, staff receive real-time notifications and can respond immediately. At the same time, a personalised announcement is played to inform customers that another cash desk is open. Long queues are therefore a thing of the past, which not only relieves your employees, but also increases customer satisfaction. Customer wishes and needs are always at the centre of attention.

Checkout area management system – How the shop runs

Accelerated checkout

This is how it works:
  1. The cashier activates the option for the need for an additional checkout via the control elements on the cash desk.
  2. Colleagues receive a notification about the task by radio or on their smart device.
  3. As soon as an employee takes over the task, the others are immediately informed that the task is being processed.
  4. An announcement informs customers that an additional cash desk is available.
  5. The checkout light is activated and the process is automatically documented.
Positive effects:
  • The entire process is automated - right up to the checkout.
  • Accelerated and smooth processes at the checkout
  • Shorter waiting times for greater customer satisfaction
  • Simple control, communication and work distribution within the team
  • Efficient use of personnel resources and optimised workflow
  • Integration of additional interfaces possible
Diagram showing the checkout process using the ReAct checkout management tool

AI-supported optimisation of the checkout area

This is how it works:
  1. Cameras are used in the checkout area to record customer frequency and checkout times.
  2. A reactive AI analyses the camera data.
  3. The system reacts to predefined rules and patterns and solves acute problems (e.g. optimising checkout distribution).
  4. In the event of increased customer volumes, employees are automatically informed that an additional checkout is required.
  5. One team member confirms the assigned task and opens another till; the others are automatically notified.
Positive effects:
  • Increased customer satisfaction thanks to faster service and shorter waiting times
  • Better customer throughput
  • Automated processes and better team coordination
  • Reduced stress as checkout staff can concentrate on the checkout process
Process diagram showcasing data analytics with ReAct Lane Management tool, in English

The checkout area management system of ReAct Now: customizable solutions für long-term success

Versatile control according to your wishes

Depending on your requirements, you can control the ReAct Now tools either centrally for individual shops or across regions. Our software also offers checkout staff the option of managing numerous processes directly from the checkout counter. Whether you need to play announcements, control the hardware or other requirements, you can do so via a clear user interface with informative icons and symbols. Installation on your PCs, tablets or directly in the cash register management system is very simple. Thanks to the seamless integration into the CLOUD4RETAIL platform from GK Software , you can also define your own actions.

Flexible expansion & future-proof

The ReAct Now checkout area management can be easily expanded and even existing wireless headsets can be seamlessly integrated. The large number of peripheral devices (e.g. checkout lights, cigarette holders, checkout barriers or customer gates), which are also linked to the POS control system, are controlled via a dedicated multiport controller.

The checkout control system is optionally expandable and can be flexibly customised to your requirements. For example, if you require workflow management for your sales area, we can integrate our Call-to-Action-Software into your user interface in just a few steps. No time-consuming software update is required for this. Thanks to the effortless integration and configuration of new interfaces and processes, the system represents a future-proof investment.

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Cash register monitor with ReAct Now UI, which shows various icons
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FAQs – checkout area management

Are there other functions covered by the ReAct Now checkout area management system?

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First and foremost, of course, are the reduced waiting times and accelerated checkout processes. However, the software solution also offers other functions: Real-time monitoring of checkout activities, automatic assignment of checkout tasks (e.g. price enquiry, announcements), personnel management and reporting. In addition, the checkout control system can usually be integrated into other company systems, which offers further advantages in day-to-day work, in particular increased customer satisfaction and improved employee efficiency.

Can we use our existing hardware for the POS system?

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Yes, the ReAct Now software solution can be integrated into your POS system and linked to the existing hardware. This means that the checkout counters can remain exactly as they are. The checkout lights, radio headsets, checkout barriers and other devices (e.g. value boxes) do not need to be replaced, but can continue to be used. This means you do not need to call in a shopfitting company. This saves enormous costs. If you still need new or additional smart devices, e.g. tablets, for your employees, we will be happy to advise you on the most suitable devices.

Does ReAct Now also offer customized solutions for specific sectors?

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Whether we are talking about food or clothing retail, supermarket, discount store or DIY store – the checkout area management system and other tools from ReAct Now are suitable for almost all stores and sectors. The special feature: The individual modules of the ReAct Now software can be flexibly combined. We are happy to advise you so that together we can find the best solution for your store and your needs.

What are the benefits of the ReAct Now checkout area managment system for my employees?

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Thanks to the checkout area management system, help from colleagues is just the touch of a button away. The team receives individualized audio or text messages and can intervene immediately. If a task is accepted, the other employees are informed that the task is already being processed. This not only saves time, but also reduces stress for checkout staff and employees on the sales floor. In addition, the assembly and installation of the system is extremely simple and quick.