Lane Management

The future of shopping starts here – faster checkout, less waiting

Imagine this: Customers enter your store and experience a swift, smooth and time-saving checkout process instead of a long queue. This is exactly what ReAct Now‘s revolutionary digital lane management system makes possible. Simply streamline your checkout zone: Simplify PoS flow, reduce wait times, and provide a seamless experience that your customers will love. Say goodbye to long queues and hello to happier shoppers.

Experience the difference: optimize your checkout area for maximum efficiency.

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Cash register monitor with ReAct Now UI, which shows various icons

Speed up checkout, the simple way

Long queues and stressed employees spoil your customers’ shopping experience? That doesn’t have to be the case! Thanks to ReAct Now’s checkout management, long waiting times and disorganized checkout processes are a thing of the past. This way you improve your customer service and leave a positive last impression before your customers leave the store. This results in a more pleasant shopping atmosphere for customers and staff alike – and better throughput, even on busy days.

Introducing ReAct Nows’s lane management tool – your solution to optimize checkout operations. Seamlessly integrated with up to 50 cash registers, it enables efficient communication for speedy checkout organization. Customizable notifications keep everyone informed in real time, so you can provide a delightful checkout experience with ease.

Boost efficiency & customer satisfaction 

Our lane management tool makes it easy to integrate up to 50 cash registers, for smooth communication and coordination. You can customize the system to send real-time notifications for anything from additional registers to calling the store manager or checking prices. This means you can give customers a fast, hassle-free checkout experience, while also reducing stress for frontline workers. In short: a more enjoyable PoS experience for everyone.

Seamlessly integrate with existing systems

systems. It works in harmony with other ReAct Now tools and GK Software’s CLOUD4RETAIL platform. Customize it to fit your unique requirements and control it remotely. Whether it’s operating through the user interface on cash registers or via a tablet, the tool is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Incorporating light sources, wireless headsets, and camera systems for people counting enhances PoS management and eases employee workload. It generates valuable data for optimizing operations and improving efficiency.

Intuitive operation: one click is all it takes

The system impresses with a user-friendly interface with clearly understandable icons and symbols. It is installed on the cash registers and tablets and is easy to use, making an extensive training of your employees unnecessary. A short briefing is all it takes for them to get started: checking prices, calling colleagues or controlling the cash register peripherals – all functions are easily accessible with just a tap of the finger.

Checkout peripherals effortlessly under control

With ReAct Now, you can control all your cash register peripherals in no time at all and organize the entire operation with just a few clicks:

  • Open cigarette holders and checkout barriers
  • Request change
  • Call loss prevention agent or manager
  • Request cancellation key
  • And much more

Our lane management offers relief all along the line! Any application can be integrated and any hardware can be connected. Thanks to its compatibility with the existing infrastructure, there is no need for costly retrofitting.

Meaningful data for process optimization

Camera modules for people counting can also be easily integrated. The result: better processes in the checkout area, reduced workload for employees and you gain meaningful data for optimized process design.

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GK ReAct Integration
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Simply better checkout efficiency

The important challenge in lane management is to offer a seamless customer experience – right to the end. As the last touchpoint, the checkout must function smoothly, because  good last impression is what counts! The aim is to ensure that checkout processes run seamlessly and long waiting times are avoided. Automated checkout management processes can help here.

Simplify, speed up, and streamline your checkout experience with our lane management tool. Experience the benefits it brings to your business and transform the way you handle your checkout operations. With our software you can:

  • automate checkout processes,
  • reduce waiting times,
  • improve communication in the store,
  • reduce workload
  • and increase your customer service.

Effortless handling

Integrating the lane management tool into the ReAct Now ecosystem makes it as easy and flexible to use as other tools in our toolbox. You can effortlessly control existing lights or peripherals like cigarette racks through the system, ensuring seamless integration and smooth operation of your checkout zone.

Speedy checkout experience

With this tool, you can provide a quick overview of open cash registers and eliminate queues in the checkout zone. This significantly enhances your customer service, creating a positive atmosphere and ensuring efficient throughput, even on busy days. Reducing queueing time by uptown 15% mean happier customers and smoother operations.

Streamlined retail IT

The tool fully integrates with the ReAct Now communication and audio tools, creating a networked PoS system. It seamlessly integrates into your existing PoS software, allowing for perfect cooperation. Our partnership with GK Software guarantees smooth processes and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, integrating all cash registers into the system requires minimal cabling, reducing installation complexity and costs.

Lane Management in action 

Speed up checkout

How it works
  1. The queue at the checkout ist getting longer and longer.
  2. The checkout staff request a new checkout with a simple tap of the finger.
  3. The employees receive a notification via mobile or handheld device.
  4. As soon as one employee takes over the task, the others are automatically informed that the task is being processed.
  5. An announcement informs customers that an additional checkout is being opened.
  6. The light on the newly opened register turns on, an the process is automatically recorded.
Positive impacts
  • Faster and smoother PoS experience.
  • Reduced waiting times, leading to higher customer statisfaction.
  • Clear communication and task assignment within the team.
  • Efficient use of resources and optimized workflow.
Diagramm, das den Checkout-Prozess mit dem ReAct Kassenmanagement-Tool zeigt

Real-time people counting and AI

How it works
  1. Cameras record the checkout area and document customer frequency and checkout times.
  2. The camera data is analysed by a reactive AI.
  3. The system reacts to predefined rules and patterns and solves immediate problems (e.g. the need for an additional checkout).
  4. Employees receive automatic notifications when customer traffic increases to open an additional checkout.
  5. After confirmation of the assigned task by a team member, another till is opened.
  6. The other team members are automatically informed that the task is being processed.
Positive impacts
  • Faster checkout and improved customer throughput enhance stisfaction.
  • Precise predictions enable efficient staffing.
  • Automated workflow minimizes delays and improves coordination.
  • Maintain safety and adhere to regulations.
Diagramm, das den Prozess der Datenanalyse mit dem ReAct Kassenmanagement-Tool zeigt, in englischer Sprache

Plus points in the checkout area:

Digital transformation on the sales floor

With our lane management system, you can easily bring your sales area into the digital future. The innovative checkout system reacts dynamically to customer flows, increases efficiency and strengthens customer loyalty by intelligently adapting checkout capacities.

Centralized configuration & management

Whether local, regional or even international - you can control the POS management system either centrally for individual shops or across locations, depending on your needs and preferences. Your teams can carry out many processes directly from the till. Whether it’s calling the store manager, requesting a cancellation or asking for prices: with our checkout management system, you can always reach the right employee and save a lot of time.

It is controlled via the ReAct Now user interface on the tablet or directly on the GK tills. You have the option of choosing from a variety of ready-made actions or defining your own actions. Together we can configure the system to meet your individual requirements.

Cash register monitor with ReAct Now UI, which shows various icons
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Compatible & easy to expand

Our lane management tool is compatible with existing lighting and signaling systems. Integration with existing wireless headsets is seamless as well. A special multiport controller lets you control peripheral devices like cash register lights, cigarette racks, and customer barriers with ease. The system is expandable and can be easily extended based on your specific needs. New interfaces and routines can be easily integrated and configured. Our POS management solution is a future-proof investment.

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Whether you’re starting from scratch and need help with planning or you’re looking for support with configuration, commissioning, or ongoing maintenance, we’ve got you covered. Our team of friendly service and sales experts is here to assist you with any questions you might have about the Call to Action platform and lane management tool. And don’t worry about distance. We can connect you with a ReAct Now partner who is conveniently located near you.

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FAQs – Lane Management

What role does technology play in lane management?

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Technology plays a crucial role in lane management. Modern checkout systems integrate software and hardware to make processes efficient, manage data and improve customer service. Efficient lane management requires basic technological solutions such as digital cash register control systems, POS software and centralized control of tasks.

How does effectice checkout management impact the customer experience?

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A fast and error-free checkout process contributes significantly to a positive customer experience. Modern checkout management also offers opportunities for personalized customer interactions and thus promotes customer loyalty.

How does the ReAct Now POS management system help you analyse sales data and customer behavior?

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Our system provides detailed reports and analytics that give insights into sales trends and customer behavior to help you make informed and educated business decisions.

How does ReAct Now lane management help to improve employee satisfaction?

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By automating and simplifying checkout processes, our system reduces stress and workload for staff, resulting in higher employee satisfaction.