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Automated communication ready-to-use

Process optimization made easy

Take your communication to the next level – with systematic digitalization. With the patented Call to Action software, we offer a platform that improves communication and intern work processes. Whenever human intervention is required, Call to Action creates the connection to the relevant employees – without delay, efficiently and transparently. Digital and automated communication improves your in-house processes and increases employee satisfaction.

Headset, integrated into the ReAct "Call to action" platform.Smartphone with ReAct "call to action" healthcare appTablet with ReAct "Call to action" app for industrial use.MDE scanner with ReAct "call to action" app for retail.

Direct and automated communication moves your processes forward

ReAct is the innovation leader for digitalization in shop management and IoT communication solutions. Call to Action is a customizable platform that establishes an human-machine ecosystem and makes communication the driver of efficient processes.

The basic principle is simple: an employee or device reports a task, which Call to Action automatically communicates to all relevant colleagues (e.g. via smartwatch, tablet, smartphone or headset). If one employee takes over the processing of the task, the remaining recipients are automatically notified and can turn their attention to other activities. This avoids frictional losses in communication and streamlines processes. 

Fields of application

Optimized work processes

With Call to Action, we not only revolutionize internal processes in retail and the manufacturing industry, but our communication solutions also ensure more sales, greater security (e.g. people counting systems for compliance with pandemic requirements) and higher employee and customer satisfaction.

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Employee in industrial plant with tablet and ReAct "Call to Action" app


Service bell & tablet

  1. A customer requests a consultation via service bell or tablet.
  2. The responsible employees are informed in a targeted and discreet manner.
  3. One employee accepts the task, the others are informed, that the task is accepted.
  4. The customer receives confirmation that an employee is coming.

Areas of application: Retail, supermarkets, discount stores

More examples
A retail employee receives a consultation request on his smartphone - triggered by a service bell.

Request forklift truck

  1. Using his smart device, an employee requests a forklift to pick up a finished order.
  2. An available forklift driver accepts the task.
  3. The requesting employee receives feedback as soon as the task has been accepted and the forklift is on its way.
  4. The process is automatically documented.

Areas of application: Industry, DIY stores

More examples

Lane Management System

  1. An employee at a cash register activates that an additional cash register is required. 
  2. The employees are notified of the task via radio or smart device. 
  3. One employee takes over the task, the others are informed about it. 
  4. A customer announcement is played that another cash register will be opened. 
  5. The light of the newly opened cash register goes on and the process is automatically documented.

Benefit: The entire process is automated and quickly and reliably reduces the length of checkout lines and improves the shopping experience.

More examples
Cash register control system - Use case ReAct Retail
Icon Tablet - ReAct "Call to Action" App

Facts & figures

Icon Durchsage - ReAct "Call to Action" App


Icon Warenanlieferung - ReAct "Call to Action" App
Icon Alarm - ReAct "Call to Action" App


Icon Gabelstapler - ReAct "Call to Action" App
Icon Klemmbrett - Aufgaben - ReAct "Call to Action" App

Personnel costs


Daily savings in personnel costs of over €100 per day (store size 3500 sqm, tablets at checkouts, mobile devices, IoT).



per year (store size 1200 sqm, 2 cash register tablets)

Icon Sprachnachricht - ReAct "Call to Action" App



Savings of up to 30 minutes/day/employee

Icon Ladenschluss - ReAct "Call to Action" App
Icon Warnung - Notfall - ReAct "Call to Action" App

Reaction time


Average reduction per task in minutes

Smartphone "Send Request" - ReAct "Call to Action" App



It's worth getting to know Call to Action: Let us show you how powerful the platform is, which successes it already achieved, and how you can use the newly acquired data as a basis for further transformation steps.

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