Hi! Meet ReAct Now at the Edeka Nord in-house exhibition

ReAct Now is pleased to be part of the Edeka Nord in-house exhibition, which takes place from March 20 to 21 in Holstenhallen. We are in Hall 3, Booth 308 — your partner in the North for innovative and market-proven retail solutions in the area.

This event provides the perfect platform to present our tailor-made solutions to EDEKA merchants and their employees. Our team is looking forward to demonstrating our modular platform to you:

  • ReAct Call to Action: The automated and role-based communication platform, which improves communication and internal work processes precisely where human intervention is required. Including the integration of your vending machine infrastructure (LGA, baking machines, etc.)
  • ReAct task management: Role-based task distribution, comprehensible and controllable. Create clear responsibilities, increase productivity and employee satisfaction — everything is done, nothing is forgotten
  • ReAct KLS: Experience how our cash register management system ensures smoother processes at the cash registers and significantly reduces queues.
  • ReAct Analytics: Gain valuable insights into your processes on the floor that help you significantly optimize your work processes in the market.
  • ReAct High Trust Soundscapes: Specially developed sound worlds that have a positive influence on your sales and the shopping behavior of your customers — modern, atmospheric and unique.

You are also welcome to do so in advance book an appointment with us — we are looking forward to talking to you.

See you soon! We are looking forward to your visit!