Lebensmittelzeitung reports: Edeka increases efficiency with ReAct Now technology

Edeka stores are increasingly relying on ReAct Now’s digital solution to digitalise their internal processes and improve communication on the sales floor. In the 5 April 2024 issue, Lebensmittelzeitung reports on how the ReAct Now platform enables efficient task distribution and proactive problem handling, avoiding unnecessary walking and increasing employee satisfaction.

With the implementation of the ReAct Now platform, checkout staff can now communicate directly with their colleagues via tablet, smartphone or MDE, significantly reducing the need for unnecessary walking and interpersonal misunderstandings. The platform enables a wide range of functions - from staffing new checkouts and proactively emptying the deposit machine to improving overall store efficiency.

The Lüning Group, in which Edeka holds a 49 % stake, has fully migrated communications to the ReAct Now platform in seven of its stores, with plans to add another store in the summer. Oliver Jasperkaldeweh, district manager of the Lüning Group, emphasises the importance of the platform in reducing unnecessary communication and movement on the sales floor, which significantly increases efficiency.

Article "Edekaner digitalise communication on the shop floor", Lebensmittelzeitung from 5.4.2024

ReAct Now, the leading provider of digital communication solutions, is already seeing its platform being used in around 200 Edeka stores, with more independent Edeka stores being added on a regular basis. The solution is used in 3,000 stores across Europe and covers both full-range and discount stores. This underlines the broad acceptance and effectiveness of the ReAct Now technology in the retail sector.

In addition to improving communication, ReAct Now is currently also testing the use of IoT sensors in cooperation with shopping trolley manufacturer Wanzl in order to optimise the availability of shopping trolleys. In addition, an early warning system for deposit machines has been implemented in collaboration with Tomra, which enables employees to act proactively before the machine is full.

ReAct Now thus not only supports a more efficient organisation of daily work processes, but also contributes to an improved shopping experience for customers. Find out more about the innovative application of ReAct Now technology in Edeka stores in the full article, available in the online edition of Lebensmittelzeitung.