Managing work digitally: ReAct Now optimises retail processes

In a world in which digitalisation and efficiency are increasingly coming to the fore, the optimal use of digital technologies plays a central role. This is particularly true in retail, where staffing levels are often tight. The latest issue 6/7 2024 of »Lebensmittel Praxis« highlights the importance of this development and sheds light on ReAct Now’s innovative solutions, which aim to optimise retail workflows.

ReAct Now offers an advanced platform that makes it possible to efficiently distribute tasks and ensure that they are carried out by the right person at the right time. This digitally controlled distribution of tasks not only significantly reduces the walking distances of staff, but also increases their satisfaction and that of customers.

A practical example from the report shows how the software supports day-to-day operations: A reverse vending machine needed maintenance, and thanks to the ReAct Now platform, the task could be quickly assigned to the responsible employee. Even if the employee was unavailable at short notice, the system ensured that another employee could quickly step in.

In the 2024 April issue, »Lebensmittel Praxis« reports on the benefits that ReAct Now brings to retailers.

Maximilian Pfestorf, Chief Sales Officer at ReAct Now, announced that up to 150 shops, including big names such as Edeka Nord, are being equipped with this technology every month. The platform offers a range of possible applications, from quick price enquiries via tablet to the uncomplicated request for a clean-up assistant in the event of a mishap.

Christina Heinz, store manager of the training supermarket at the Neuwied Food Academy, particularly praises the direct and discreet communication made possible by the platform. This means that the right contact person is always reached without customers noticing the internal communication.

ReAct Now remains true to its goal of supporting retailers through digital innovations and continuously improving both productivity and the customer experience. The article in »Lebensmittel Praxis« emphasises the importance of these technologies for the future of retail and confirms ReAct Now’s leading role in this area.