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Process-oriented communication
in the IoT environment

Tablet with ReAct "Call to action" app for industrial use.scanner with ReAct "call to action" app for retail.Smartphone with ReAct "call to action" healthcare appHeadset, integrated into the ReAct "Call to action" platform.
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Networked processes meet digital Communication.

Call to Action is a powerful IoT communication platform to improve operations on the shop floor and optimize processes. The software developed by ReAct drives your digitalization by connecting IoT devices with human action. The modular platform is easy to integrate, versatile and can be configured individually. From our practical experience in retail and industry, we have created a flexible and market-tested system that meets the highest requirements. Our users praise the intuitive user interface, the open interfaces and are enthusiastic about the success of process-oriented communication.

Icon Sprachnachricht - ReAct "Call to Action" App

Call to action speaks  
to your infrastructure and employees.

The patented Call to Action software is the central interface between your employees and your machines. The platform talks to all sub-systems as well as services and reliably transports tasks between machines and employees: Whenever a process requires human intervention, Call to Action delivers the task precisely to the appropriate people. Open interfaces and standard industry protocols enable easy integration into the existing IoT landscape. With the patented Call to Action software, we offer a digitalization solution that improves communication and connects work processes. Whenever human intervention is required, Call to Action creates the connection to the relevant employees – delay-free, efficient and transparent. The intuitive user interface stands for low training effort and enables quick adaptation to individual internal processes. As a user, you always retain full data sovereignty.

With Call to Action, we made digitalization easy and networked communication the driver of more efficient processes.«
Patrick Langeslag
Co-Founder/CFO ReAct
A retailer sends out a request via the ReAct "call to action" app.

Call to Action
at a glance


Icon Zahnrad - ReAct "Call to Action" App


The platform offers many possibilities because it can be easily adapted to your individual requirements.


Icon Ladenschluss - ReAct "Call to Action" App


The open interface enables fast integration into the existing IoT landscape.


Icon Registrierkasse - ReAct "Call to Action" AppIcon Vensafe - ReAct "Call to Action" AppIcon Flaschenrückgabe - ReAct "Call to Action" AppIcon Tablet - ReAct "Call to Action" AppIcon Smartphone - ReAct "Call to Action" AppIcon Smartwatch - ReAct "Call to Action" App


The application is hardware-independent and future-proof – all desired devices and new services can be integrated.


Icon Tresor - Safe - ReAct "Call to Action" App


The platform integrates seamlessly into the existing IT security infrastructure and can be operated in a public cloud or on-prem.


Icon Münzen - ReAct "Call to Action" App


The cost benefits are obvious: the system is inexpensive to install, maintain, operate and in terms of hardware requirements.

Smartwatch with ReAct "call to action" app for retail.


Quickly under­standable

Easy-to-understand icons are the basic of the graphical Call to Action user interface, which is easily adaptable to your individual processes. Individual employees are specifically addressed for certain tasks. The respective employee accepts and confirms the task. All persons involved in the process are informed transparently about the progress of the task.

In the back-end you have full control over the system management, here the data from the various sources converge. Configure the back-end and the app according to your requirements. We believe in an open eco system, based on known standards, which allows fast integration of new APIs. The collected data is used for optimization – for higher productivity, better utilization, and higher revenue.


data control

PC Monitor with ReAct "Call to action" back-end.
Tablet with ReAct "Call to action" app for industrial use.MDE scanner with ReAct "call to action" app for retail.Smartphone with ReAct "call to action" healthcare appHeadset, integrated into the ReAct "Call to action" platform.


Freedom of choice

Which devices you use depends solely on your requirements. Choose and combine: smartwatch, tablet, smartphone and headset. Or use special devices with scanners for mobile data collection (MDE). Almost all hardware options can be easily integrated into the Call to Action platform.

This is how value networks are created

The mission of ReAct Call to Action is to convey information that requires human intervention in a process. The flexibility of the ReAct API allows the platform to be seamlessly integrated into growing infrastructures.

Chart workflow ReAct "Call to action" platform.


Data security and data protection have a high priority for us, and the informational self-determination of your employees is an important issue. With the use and application of Call to Action, the EU General Data Protection Regulation is always complied.

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Any Questions?

It's worth getting to know Call to Action: Let us show you how powerful the platform is and what success it has already achieved.

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