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Be more successful with the digital checkout control system from ReAct

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Seamless integration of POS terminals

The digital system for up to 50 cash registers integrates many communication options thus ensuring optimal organisation at the checkout. From the request for another cash register to the call of the store manager to the price query – freely configurable text and audio notifications are sent to relevant employees and all parties involved are informed in real time. With ReAct’s checkout management system, you ensure that your customers have a pleasant experience in the checkout area.

Digital and fully integrated

The digital checkout control system can be integrated into the ReAct communication and audio modules as well as into GK Software’s CLOUD4RETAIL platform. It can be configured according to individual requirements and can also be controlled remotely. On site, the system is controlled via the user interface on the cash registers themselves or via tablet. The system is fully compatible with existing light sources and wireless headsets. As a result, the system improves the process management of the cash register and takes pressure off of employees. In addition, you gain meaningful data for an optimised process design.

Kassenbereich mit Tablet auf dem die Kassenleitsystem-Lösung von React Now läuft.Bedienelemente der Kassenleitsystem-Lösung von React Now.


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Operator: If the checkout control system is integrated into the ReAct system, the handling is just as easy and flexible as the operation of the other call-to-action functionalities. The control of existing lights or other peripherals, such as cigarette racks, can also be easily integrated into the system.

Bedienelemente der Kassenleitsystem-Lösung von React Now.

That was

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Customers: A quick overview of which tills are open and no queues in the checkout zone – with ReAct’s checkout control system, your customer service is a big step closer to perfect. Shorter queues create a good mood and ensure better throughput, even on busy customer days.

Bedienelemente der Kassenleitsystem-Lösung von React Now.


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Retail IT: The POS system is fully networked with the ReAct communication and audio modules. The interface can be perfectly integrated into your existing POS software. Our cooperation with GK Software ensures smooth processes and low costs. A minimal amount of cabling is sufficient to integrate all cash registers into the system.


Lane Management System

  1. An employee at a cash register activates that an additional cash register is required.
  2. The employees are notified of the task via radio or smart device.
  3. One employee takes over the task, the others are informed about it.
  4. A customer announcement is played that another cash register will be opened.
  5. The light of the newly opened cash register goes on and the process is automatically documented.

Benefit: The entire process is automated and quickly and reliably reduces the length of checkout lines and improves the shopping experience.

Cash register control system - Use case ReAct Retail

People counting and artificial intelligence AI

  1. Data from the Corona – customer counting system is evaluated.
  2. AI calculates the average length of customer stay for the respective period, e.g. by day of the week and time of day.
  3. AI calculates the number of customers who will be at the checkout in 10 minutes and how many cash registers are needed, it controls break scheduling and informs employees.
  4. If a new cash register is needed, the system informs automatically. One employee confirms the task and opens a cash register, the others are informed about it.

Benefit: Increased customer satisfaction through shorter checkout lines and better customer throughput.

Open the checkout predictively via AI - Use case ReAct Retail
Woman at supermarket checkout. Cashier uses controls from React Now's checkout guidance solution.

Leading the way

The system enables more digital transformation on the sales floor.

Control systems centrally for individual stores or across regions – you configure as needed. Your teams can operate many processes directly from the POS, such as playing announcements and controlling hardware. You can control them via the ReAct user interface on PC, tablet or on the cash registers themselves. Thanks to direct integration with GK Software’s CLOUD4RETAIL platform, you can easily define your own actions.

Checkout control

configuration and control

POS terminal running the ReAct checkout control system.
Color-coded checkout signals



ReAct’s digital checkout control system is compatible with existing lighting and signalling systems, and existing wireless headsets can also be integrated. A special multiport controller enables the control of many peripheral devices, such as cash register lights, cigarette racks or customer barriers. The cash register control system is optionally extendable and can be extended according to your needs. Since new interfaces and new processes can be easily integrated and configured – without the need for software updates – the system is a future-proof investment.

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Sales and service partners

A nationwide network of trained service and sales partners is available to answer all your questions about the ReAct platform and cash register control system – from initial planning to individual configuration, commissioning and maintenance. We will be happy to name a ReAct partner near you.

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