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Digitalization and more efficient processes for industry

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Smartphone with ReAct "Call to action" app for industry.
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For optimized process chains in production and automated workforce planning

This is how digitalization succeeds: With efficient and process-oriented communication, we improve the Overall Equipment Efficiency in industry and manufacturing. Our patented Call to Action software accelerates and automates your internal communication and work processes. The platform enables an universally applicable human-machine ecosystem: functions that were previously unconnected are linked to form a transparent network. The software follows the Total Productive Maintenance approach and it promises significant process improvements.

Despite high automation, human intervention is often necessary in production: For example, when a machine reports a problem or the next work step has to be initiated. In those and other cases, Call to Action helps to shorten reaction- and down-times and increases work productivity. In addition, serious and expensive damage to machines can be prevented because employees react faster.

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Employee in industrial plant with tablet and ReAct "Call to Action" app
Techniker mit Tablet, auf dem die "Call to action" App läuft. Industrie-Anlage.Check Conveyor Belt - ReAct Watch User Interface Industry


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Operators: Digitalization improves process flows: Call to Action communicates malfunctions and unproductive times at an early stage – this increases work productivity and reduces repair costs through on-time maintenance.

Techniker mit Tablet, auf dem die "Call to action" App läuft. Industrie-Anlage.Request Forklift - ReAct Watch User Interface Industry


Icon Ladenschluss - ReAct "Call to Action" App


Customers: Data-based process optimization reduces downtime and increases overall equipment efficiency – all processes are monitored and automatically documented.

Smartphone, auf dem die "Call to action" App im industriellen Umfeld läuft.Recipient has accepted voice message - ReAct Watch User Interface Industry


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Employees: When human intervention is required, only the relevant and responsible employees are informed in real time – enabling faster, more targeted action and increasing employee satisfaction.

MDE und Tablet, auf dem die "Call to action" App läuft. Industrie-Anlage.Machine with error code - ReAct Watch User Interface Industry


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IT: The platform talks to all services: Open interfaces and standard industry protocols enable rapid integration into the existing IoT landscape.

With Call to Action, we're ensuring better operations, faster response times, and higher-performing employees«
Patrick Langeslag
Co-Founder/CFO ReAct
Two professionals use the ReAct "call to action" app in an industrial setting.


Connection of machines

  1. A sensor reports a problem with a machine.
  2. The responsible employees are notified.
  3. One employee confirms the task and the others are informed about it.
  4. The process is automatically documented.

Benefit: Reduced machine downtime for improved production processes and prevention of machine damage.

Machine reports status - Use case ReAct Industry

Request forklift truck

  1. Via his Smart Device, an employee requests a forklift to pick up a finished order.
  2. An available forklift driver accepts the task.
  3. The requesting employee receives feedback as soon as the request has been accepted and the forklift is on its way.
  4. The process is automatically documented.

Benefit: Faster response by employees thanks to automated processes and relief for the control center.

Request Jumper

  1. An employee requests a jumper via his Smart Device.
  2. The available jumpers are informed directly.
  3. As soon as a jumper takes over the task, the requesting employee receives a confirmation and is informed which jumper is coming.
  4. The other jumpers are informed that the task has been taken over.
  5. The process is automatically documented.

Benefit: Faster employee response thanks to automated processes and increased employee satisfaction.

Request Jumper - Use case ReAct Industry

Requests for help between employees

  1. An employee has a problem with a machine and needs the help of a foreman – he sends a direct request.
  2. The responsible foreman receives the request and accepts the task.
  3. The employee receives a notification as soon as a foreman has accepted the task, and the other foremen are informed.
  4. The process is automatically documented.

Benefit: More efficient problem solving through faster employee response and increased employee satisfaction.

Worker needs support - Use case ReAct Industry

Employee is made aware of a problem

  1. Via their Smart Device, employees in the control room are informed as soon as there is a problem with a machine.
  2. The employee can immediately look at the screen and see the details.
  3. The control room employee forwards the task to qualified employees.
  4. One employee confirms the task and the others are informed.
  5. The process is automatically documented.

Benefit: Machine downtime is reduced and employee satisfaction increases as a result of the reduced workload.

Machine has a problem - Use case ReAct Industry

Production must run

Call to Action avoids unproductive times

Smartphone with ReAct "call to action" app for industrial use.


See and understand

The graphical user interface of the Call to Action app is based on easy-to-understand icons and can be quickly adapted to your individual processes. Individual employees are specifically addressed for certain tasks. The addressed employee confirms and accepts the task. Everyone involved in the process is kept transparently informed about the progress of the task. The intuitive user interface avoids time-consuming training.

The back-end, provides full control over all information; all data from the various processes and channels converge here. Configure the back-end processes and the app according to your needs. We believe in an open ecosystem based on known standards, allowing for quick integration of new devices via our APIs. The collected data is used for your optimization – for higher productivity, higher employee satisfaction and significant cost savings. Of course, GDPR is complied with in the process.


Full data control

PC Monitor with ReAct "Call to action" back-end.
Rugged tablet with ReAct "call to action" app for industrial use.MDE scanner with ReAct "Call to action" app for industrial use.ustrial use.Smartphone with ReAct "Call to action" app for industrial use.Headset, integrated into the ReAct "Call to action" platform.


Freedom of choice

Which mobile devices you use depends solely on your requirements. Choose and combine: smartwatch, tablet, smartphone and headset. Or use special devices with scanners. Almost all hardware options can be easily integrated into the Call to Action platform.

What does call to action Cost?

The platform is offered as monthly subscription model (SaaS – Software as a Service). The license fees are calculated according to the number of users and services. Attractive cost structures and low initial costs enable our customers to achieve an amazingly fast return on investment. For many companies, investments in digitalization are eligible for funding.

What does this mean for your requirements?

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Sales and service partner

A nationwide network of trained service and sales partners is available to answer all your questions about the ReAct platform – from initial planning to individual configuration, commissioning and maintenance. We will be happy to name a ReAct partner  near  you.

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