RE/A High Trust Soundscapes

Simply sell more with functional music. Create a unique shopping ambience that keeps your customers engaged, resulting in longer stays and higher sales.

Delight customers & sell more

Say goodbye to disruptive noise and hello to a superior shopping experience – with our High Trust Soundscapes tool. Unlike conventional supermarket music that often disturbs customers, our carefully crafted soundscapes are designed to be at the perception threshold – they're very quiet yet immensely impactful: Shoppers stay longer and sales can increase by up to 17% in selected departments.

Discover the power of functional music

Functional music is more than just background sounds. It's music with intention, designed to enhance specific experiences. Scientific studies have confirmed its powerful effects. At ReAct, we harness the concept of functional music and apply it to our High Trust Soundscapes. Each sound world is meticulously tailored to suit the products and corporate identity of your store, creating a truly immersive and engaging environment.

High Trust Soundscapes

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Simply create amazing atmospheres

Experience a multitude of benefits with High Trust Soundscapes. Effortless IT integration, positive impacts on shoppers and shop floor teams, and an all-around uplift to your business.

Tailor the ambience of your store

Create a pleasant atmosphere in your store that not only keeps customers around longer but also boosts sales. With the ability to define different sound zones on the sales floor, you can tailor the audio experience to match the products you're selling. Imagine the soothing sounds of well-aged wine or the vibrant ambience of fresh vegetables – High Trust Soundscapes can create a unique audio backdrop that complements your products and enhances the overall shopping experience. Plus, they can reduce stress levels for frontline workers, making their work more relaxed and enjoyable.

Increase dwell time & sales

Immerse your customers in a unique audio experience with High Trust Soundscapes. By reducing perceived noise in the store and creating a relaxing ambience, our soundscapes improve the quality of their stay. This encourages customers to slow down, spend more time exploring your products, and ultimately increases the likelihood of making a purchase. With High Trust Soundscapes, you can create a captivating environment that keeps customers engaged: Our clients report up to 25% higher dwell times. Overall, soundscapes create a sense of trust and security, leading to an improved perception of the service experience.

Integrate the tool with ease

Integrating the High Trust Soundscapes tool into your existing audio infrastructure is a breeze. Our system doesn't require any streaming, ensuring there is no unnecessary strain on your bandwidth. With seamless integration, you can effortlessly enhance the audio experience in your store without any hassle. Upgrade your audio infrastructure with High Trust Soundscapes and enjoy a seamless and improved audio environment. By the way, our music is free of third-party rights, meaning no additional fees for you from collecting societies.

Hight Trust Soundscapes in Action

Elevate sales with acoustic category management
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How it works
  • Divide the shop floor into distinct sound zones.

  • Customize music and timed advertising announcements for each zone.

  • Match the right sound to the right product to reflect the unique qualities of each category, like the difference between old wine and young vegetables.

Positive impacts

Create a relaxing environment through low-volume, functional music that reduces noise levels.

Extend shopper dwell time by up to 25%.

Drive sales with up to 17% higher average receipt amounts.

Foster customer confidence in the quality of your offerings and service.

Infographic on the benefits of High Trust Soundscapes, which increase sales by up to 20% in the wine department and up to 4% in the fruit department

What our clients say

High Trust Soundscapes help bring your business forward, with happier customers that stay longer and buy more. But don't just take our word for it – our clients report experiencing these benefits too. Hear directly from them.

Erfolgreicher Einsatz

"Wir schätzen das ReAct System sehr und setzen die Klangfächen und Durchsagen erfolgreich bei uns im Markt ein."

Peter G.
Marktleiter eines Supermarktes im Westen Deutschlands
Mehr Vertrauen bei den Kunden

"Ich bin schwer beeindruckt, wie positiv sich die Klangwelten von ReAct auf das Kundenvertrauen auswirken – wir spüren das in vielen Kundengesprächen."

Rita L.
Apothekerin im Norden Deutschlands
Signifikante Umsatzsteigerung

"In einigen Abteilungen hat sich die Verweildauer deutlich verländert, das hat sehr positive Auswirkung auf den Kassenbon."

Falko M.
Selbstständiger Kaufmann im Nordosten Deutschlands

All the flexibility you need

Easily integrate with any existing sound system and enjoy flexible customization with ReAct High Trust Soundscapes. Why complicate when you can simplify?

Effortless backend control 

ReAct High Trust Soundscapes can be easily configured through online forms. Define specific advertising schedules according to your needs, whether it's certain days or times. Manage individual or multiple stores effortlessly using clear, user-friendly templates.

ReAct High Trust Soundscapes dashboard on a computer screen
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Seamless hardware integration 

No need to replace your existing sound system. Our software seamlessly integrates with your existing audio setup through plug and play, ensuring a hassle-free experience and preserving the investment you've made in your hardware.

Simple pricing,
no hassle

At ReAct, we keep things simple with straightforward pricing and a hassle-free experience. High Trust Soundscapes come with a simple monthly license fee. Plus, our music is free from any third-party rights, which means no extra fees from collecting societies.


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Get in touch!

Whether you're starting from scratch and need help with planning or you're looking for support with configuration, commissioning, or ongoing maintenance, we've got you covered. Our team of friendly service and sales experts is here to assist you with any questions you might have about the Call to Action platform and High Trust Soundscapes. And don't worry about distance. We can connect you with a ReAct partner who is conveniently located near you.