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We work for your digital success

How can this run even better? We ask ourselves this question every day. Our mission: More efficient processes through digitalization and better communication. ReAct was founded in 2014 and is now an innovation leader for digital communication solutions. We deal with digital ad hoc communication on the shop floor.

Our Call to action platform has been successfully used by numerous users for several years. With it, we optimize processes in retail, industry and healthcare – for better performance and higher employee satisfaction.



We are a powerful team of specialists who like to break new ground.
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ReAct Mitarbeiter PlatzhalterManuel Tessloff

Manuel Tessloff


In our company, the boss still cooks for himself and writes one or two lines of code. Fortunately, he has an excellent team, so micromanagement is written in small letters for him.

ReAct Mitarbeiter PlatzhalterMartin Schmitz

Martin Schmitz


Martin is the father of the solid foundation of the Call to Action platform. His strengths lie in conceptually mature preparation of development projects and coordination of internal as well as external developers.

ReAct Mitarbeiter PlatzhalterPatrick Langeslag

Patrick Langeslag


Our man for numbers, data and facts. His engine keeps ReAct running and his analytical skills will also help you understand your own business even better.

ReAct Mitarbeiter PlatzhalterMichael Schulte

Michael Schulte

Chief Revenue Officer

Michael’s professional background is big tech. In the past years at AWS, he has helped startups and unicorns build better digital products. With his knowledge and proactive nature, he enriches our team as CRO, responsible for sales and marketing.

ReAct Mitarbeiter PlatzhalterSebastian Bacca

Sebastian Bacca

Account- und Partner-Management
Account and partner management

We want you to do well with us. That's why we give you people like Sebastian as success managers at your side and work with you on joint success. Technically as well as in terms of content.

ReAct Mitarbeiter PlatzhalterGerrit Dopatka

Gerrit Dopatka

Software Integrations

Gerrit has already accompanied hundreds of installations and therefore has the peace of mind. If you think it might get complex at your place, you will only get a quiet smile from him.

ReAct Mitarbeiter PlatzhalterTorsten Tapper

Torsten Tapper

Software Integrations

Your existing system should interact smoothly with our solution. Torstenli brings everything together. Even tricky, organically grown configurations dovetail seamlessly with our platform thanks to him.

ReAct Mitarbeiter PlatzhalterRobin Schacht

Robin Schacht

Software Integrations

Our all-rounder for technical interrelationships, configuring their systems and understanding challenges of your installation.

ReAct Mitarbeiter PlatzhalterJan Balzer

Jan Balzer

Account- und Partner-Management
Account and partner management

Jan feels most comfortable when he is moving at a brisk cruising speed on the highway. And that is on the way to you, dear customer and partner, to work with you on getting the best out of our platform.

ReAct Mitarbeiter PlatzhalterChristian Töpfner

Christian Töpfner

Software Developer

Good programming creates trust! Besides, Christian can also cook and/or philosophize very decently. Or build you a smart dashboard that shows what's happening in your company.

ReAct Mitarbeiter PlatzhalterPaul Kempkes

Paul Kempkes

Software Developer

Paul likes to screw in the engine room. Knee-deep in code. Every line a work of art. Our junior developer amazes even the old hands with his elegant solutions.

ReAct Mitarbeiter PlatzhalterFinn Harms

Finn Harms

Software Developer
Software Developer

Finn is a virtuoso in the Android world. He composes wonderful solutions for tablets, smartphones and smartwatches, which create enthusiasm among our customers alike. Sounds good, doesn't it?

ReAct Mitarbeiter PlatzhalterSyed Ghayyour Ahmed

Syed Ghayyour Ahmed

Software Testing Engineer

We want everything to always run smoothly and smoothly for you. That's why Syed is constantly diving deep into our code and finding problems before they could happen to you. He collects bugs like other people collect stamps.

ReAct Mitarbeiter PlatzhalterJustus Biermann

Justus Biermann

Software Developer
Software Developer

Justus supports us as a working student in software development and amazes us again and again with his fresh view when it comes to smart solutions for seemingly unsolvable tasks.

ReAct Mitarbeiter PlatzhalterJonah Mensah

Jonah Mensah

Software Developer
Software Developer

As a working student Jonah supports us in software development. His smart approach always brings a breath of fresh air into our code and, by the way, blows away one or the other superfluous script.

ReAct Mitarbeiter PlatzhalterElisabeth Lehmann

Elisabeth Lehmann

Working student

Elisabeth supports Patrick in understanding his numbers even better. Elisabeth then puts the results into a clear and understandable format. A machine-human interface if you will.

ReAct Mitarbeiter PlatzhalterFelix Lorenz

Felix Lorenz

Werkstudent Operations
Student Trainee Operations

When the »Installation & Support« team works its magic, Felix also has his fingers in the pie. His motto for all customer systems: »It'll run perfectly in a moment.« As a student trainee, Felix is deployed at the customer or in the office.

ReAct Mitarbeiter PlatzhalterBenjamin Ghodsi-Moghaddam

Benjamin Ghodsi-Moghaddam

Working student

Benjamin assists us with installation and support. He is a real whiz kid when it comes to thoroughly understanding existing customer systems and then integrating our platform as smoothly as if it had always been there.

ReAct Mitarbeiter PlatzhalterGenevieve Kröchel

Genevieve Kröchel

Business Administration

With a mild smile but a firm hand, Genevieve is the woman who pulls out all the stops for us and makes sure that people full of technical and creative energy still keep their files together. Definitely the good soul of the company.

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