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Digitalization and optimized workflows in the healthcare sector

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Better information for shorter walking distances and more efficiency

Digitalization can make a big difference: The smoother the processes, the more time for providing services to patients. The Call to Action software supports you with digital and automated communication to optimize your workflows in hospitals. The patented platform enables the optimal use of available staff resources. The improved processes significantly reduce the workload of your employees and the performed work is automatically documented.

Just one example: Many used patient call systems today are based on a development from the 1880s. A light and sound signal appears, then the nurse runs off. The Call to Action app, on the other hand, informs the nurse of the patient and the problem at the time of the call. This saves a lot of walking and helps improve care.

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Medical professional with tablet running the ReAct "Call to action" app.
Medizinerin mit Smartphone, auf dem die "Call to action" App läuft.Covid Patient incoming - ReAct Watch User Interface Healthcare


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Operators: Employee resources are optimally deployed and the optimizations relieve the burden on staff. More efficiency in the processes ultimately increases profitability.

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Patients: When caregivers have fewer walking routes, they can spend more time with patients. With Call to Action, you manage communication in a targeted way and achieve higher patient satisfaction.

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Employees: Communication is efficient, fast and transparent – also for coordination among each other. This increases patient safety and the automatic documentation relieves the workload on everyone involved.

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IT: A sure thing – Call to Action integrates almost any device and service via digital or physical interfaces. Its flexibility allows the platform to integrate seamlessly into growing infrastructures

Get more out of your staff – through digitalization and better internal processes.«
Manuel Tessloff
Co-Founder/CEO ReAct
Medical professional with tablet running the "Call to action" app.


Caregivers are informed directly

  1. A patient selects the icon on the tablet that corresponds to his or her problem.
  2. The nursing staff responsible are informed which problem the patient from room XY is reporting.
  3. One nurse confirms the task, the others are informed about it.
  4. The patient is informed that a nurse is coming.
  5. The nurse receives new requests only after the accepted task is completed.
  6. The process is automatically documented.

Benefit: Faster staff response for increased patient satisfaction and reduced walking distances to reduce staff workload.

Patient is in pain - Use case ReAct Healthcare

Central emergency

  1. Central Emergency Department staff are informed that a patient will be admitted in 10 minutes.
  2. The central emergency sends a request to all relevant specialists who are needed.
  3. The available specialists confirm the task and the other colleagues are informed about it.
  4. The process is automatically documented.

Benefit: Reduced workload for the central emergency due to faster staff response and increased process efficiency due to reduced walking distances.

Patient in hospital in 10 minutes - Use case ReAct Healthcare

Corona bell

  1. Covid patients activate a specific Corona bell.
  2. The nursing staff in charge are informed that a Covid patient is at the entrance.
  3. A nurse confirms the task and can initiate all necessary measures.
  4. The other caregivers are informed that the task has been taken over.
  5. The process is automatically documented.

Benefit: Increased patient satisfaction due to faster staff response and reduced staff workload due to reduced walking distances and quarantine compliance.

Covid bell - Use case ReAct Healthcare

Requests for assistance between caregivers

  1. Nurses can send a help request to their colleagues via their pager.
  2. The available nurses are informed that colleague X has a specific problem with patient Y.
  3. The pager is used to send a request for help. One nurse confirms the task, the others are informed.
  4. The nurse is informed that assistance is coming.
  5. Only after the accepted request for assistance is completed, the nurse can receive new requests.
  6. The process is automatically documented.

Benefit: Increased patient satisfaction due to faster staff response and reduced staff workload due to reduced walking distances.

Physician needs support - Use case ReAct Healthcare

Digital communication for higher patient satisfaction

Call to Action avoids unproductive times

Tablet with ReAct "call to action" app for healthcare


See and understand

The graphical user interface of the Call to Action app is based on easy-to-understand icons and can be quickly adapted to your individual processes. No language skills are required for many functions. Relevant employees are specifically addressed for certain tasks, one of the addressed nurses or doctors confirms and accepts the task. Everyone involved in the process is kept transparently informed about the progress of the task. The intuitive user interface avoids time-consuming training.

The back-end, provides full control over all information; this is where all data from the various processes and channels converge. Configure the platform according to your needs. We believe in an open ecosystem, based on known standards and enabling the rapid integration of new devices via open interfaces. The collected data is used to optimize your operations and improve your processes. Of course, GDPR is adhered in the process.


data control

PC Monitor with ReAct "Call to action" back-end.
Tablet with ReAct "call to action" app for healthcareSmartphone with ReAct "call to action" healthcare appPagers tied into the ReAct "call to action" platform for healthcare.


Freedom of choice

Which devices you use is entirely up to your requirements. Choose and combine: tablet, smartphone and pager. Almost all hardware options can be easily integrated into the Call to Action platform.

What does call to action cost?

The platform is offered as monthly subscription model (SaaS – Software as a Service). The license fees are calculated according to the number of users and services. Attractive cost structures and low initial costs enable our customers to achieve an amazingly fast return on investment. For many companies, investments in digital transformation are eligible for funding.

What does this mean for your requirements?

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