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Digitalization and more efficient processes for retail

Smartphone with ReAct "Call to action" app for retail.
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Networking of communication and information for better processes

Our mission: More efficient processes through digital transformation and better communication. With the Call to Action software, ReAct is the innovation leader for digital store management and IoT communication solutions for retail. The patented communication platform establishes a versatile human-machine ecosystem with an open interface: Previously unconnected operations are linked to a transparent network. You will be surprised by the improvements which are possible. Our customers are thrilled at how easily and quickly the platform can be implemented.

Transparent communication for better service: Queues at the reverse vending machine? Reduce downtime by up to 90 percent. A customer needs advice? Increase customer satisfaction and sales with faster and better service. With Call to Action, every employee on the floor knows where he or she is needed. Exactly the right employee – without loud announcements and unnecessary walking.

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Retail employees wear smartwatch with ReAct "call to action" app.
Tablet mit ReAct "Call to action" App im Kassenbereich. Einzelhandel.Occupy another cash register - ReAct Watch User Interface Retail


Icon Registrierkasse - ReAct "Call to Action" App


Operators: Solutions for your value chain on the shop floor: Call to Action speeds up response time per task by 3 minutes. More efficiency in operations increases profitability: Up to 30 minutes of working time saved per employee per day.

Ein Angestellter im Einzelhandel erhält eine Beratungsanfrage auf sein Smartphone – ausgelöst durch eine Service-Klingel.Occupy wine department - ReAct Watch User Interface Retail


Icon Ladenschluss - ReAct "Call to Action" App


Customers: Make your customers happy with better service and advice: With Call to Action, you control communication in a targeted manner and achieve higher customer satisfaction. Optimizing checkout staffing shortens queues by up to 15 percent. 

Eine Angestellte im Einzelhandel erhält eine Anfrage auf ihrem ReAct Smartphone.Send request - ReAct Watch User Interface Retail


Icon Push-to-talk - ReAct "Call to Action" App


Employees: Automated and direct communication means that employees know exactly where they are needed – reducing walking distances by up to 75 percent per task and increase employee satisfaction.

Ein Einzelhändler verschickt eine Anfrage über die ReAct "Call to action" App.Check Asparagus Peeler - ReAct Watch User Interface Retail


Icon Tablet - ReAct "Call to Action" AppIcon Smartphone - ReAct "Call to Action" AppIcon Smartwatch - ReAct "Call to Action" App


IT: All options for your IT department: Standardized interfaces for integration into existing systems and a free hand in the selection of devices. Configure the ready-to-use platform as desired.


Call to Action integrates seamlessly with GK Software's CLOUD4RETAIL retail platform, enabling merchants to provide employee communication, checkout zone control and customer notification based on real-time events.  

Addons for your turnover

POS terminal running the ReAct checkout control system.

Better organized in the checkout zone

What mood does a customer leave your store in? The checkout zone determines whether your customers like to come back. With the ReAct checkout control system, you set all the signs for success.

checkout control
Schwarzer Lautsprecher der mit High Trust Soundscapes von ReAct in Supermärkten für mehr Umsatz sorgt.

More success with music that no one notices

Finely woven and unobtrusive music can make the shopping experience more enjoyable and relaxing. ReAct’s High Trust Soundscapes is music developed specifically for use in retail spaces, it ensures a longer dwell time and thus higher sales.

High Trust SoundscapeS
A retail employee receives a consultation request on his smartphone - triggered by a service bell.


Service bell & tablet

  1. A customer requests a consultation via service bell or tablet.
  2. The responsible employees are informed in a targeted and discreet manner.
  3. One employee accepts the task, the others are informed about it.
  4. The customer receives confirmation that an employee is coming.

Benefit: Fewer aborted purchase processes, higher sales and increased customer satisfaction.

A retail employee receives a consultation request on his smartphone - triggered by a service bell.

Task management

  1. Recurring tasks can be defined and assigned a fixed time.
  2. Employees are prompted via their Smart Device to complete a recurring task.
  3. One employee confirms the task, the others are informed about it.
  4. The process is automatically documented.

Benefit: Reliable completion of routine tasks, reduced workload for employees and increased customer satisfaction.

Lane Management System

  1. An employee at a cash register activates that an additional cash register is required.
  2. The employees are notified of the task via radio or smart device.
  3. One employee takes over the task, the others are informed about it.
  4. A customer announcement is played that another cash register will be opened.
  5. The light of the newly opened cash register goes on and the process is automatically documented.

Benefit: The entire process is automated and quickly and reliably reduces the length of checkout lines and improves the shopping experience.

Cash register control system - Use case ReAct Retail

Audio requests between employees

  1. An employee sends an audio request to his colleagues.
  2. One colleague acknowledges the request and the others are informed about it.
  3. The responding colleague sends an audio message to the questioner.

Benefit: Discreet and fast communication for increased customer satisfaction and relief of employees.

Audio request - Use case ReAct Retail

Connection of reverse vending machines

  1. The reverse vending machine is integrated into the system.
  2. The vending machine discreetly reports an impending problem to the employees.
  3. One employee confirms the task, the others are informed about it.
  4. The process is automatically documented.

Benefit: Reduced machine downtime and increased customer satisfaction through better service.

Vending machine is full - Use case ReAct Retail

People counting and artificial intelligence AI

  1. Data from the Corona – customer counting system is evaluated.
  2. AI calculates the average length of customer stay for the respective period, e.g. by day of the week and time of day.
  3. AI calculates the number of customers who will be at the checkout in 10 minutes and how many cash registers are needed, it controls break scheduling and informs employees.
  4. If a new cash register is needed, the system informs automatically. One employee confirms the task and opens a cash register, the others are informed about it.

Benefit: Increased customer satisfaction through shorter checkout lines and better customer throughput.

Open the checkout predictively via AI - Use case ReAct Retail

Head office to branch

  1. The head office informs the stores: A product is being recalled.
  2. The employees are informed directly on their Smart Devices.
  3. A qualified employee confirms the task and the others are informed about it.
  4. The process is automatically documented.

Benefit: Faster communication leads to shorter response times in the branches and reduces the workload at the headquarters.

Communication between head office and store - Use case ReAct Retail

IoT integration with radio communication systems

  1. Existing radio communication systems are integrated into the system.
  2. Networked devices and services can send requests for action to employees.
  3. The ReAct radio gateway enables audio communication of devices and services directly in the existing radio infrastructure.

Benefit: Reduced machine downtime for increased customer satisfaction and higher employee satisfaction.

Integration of IoT devices - Use case ReAct Retail

Acoustic Category Management

  1. The shop floor can be divided into different sound zones.
  2. Each sound zone can be designed with individual music and time-controlled advertising announcements: because young vegetables sound different than old wine and sets the right impulses for customers.

Benefit: Noise is reduced, which relaxes customers and employees. This keeps customers in the store longer and increases sales.

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Acoustic Category Management - Use case ReAct Retail

Our requests to customize the solution were implemented immediately. This saved us a lot of time in completing the tasks.«

Mrs. P., regional manager of a supermarket chain from northern Germany

We save half an hour per employee.«

Mr. J. – owner of a supermarket in northern Germany

It really makes our job a lot easier! We don't have to run back and forth anymore. It's so convenient.«

Mr. K. – deputy store manager of a retailer in northern Germany

Not much happens without trade

Call to Action reduces the leg work of your employees.

Smartphone with ReAct "call to action" app for retail.


Quickly under­standable

The graphical user interface of the Call to Action app is based on easy-to-understand icons and can be quickly adapted to your individual processes. No language skills are required for most of the functions. Individual employees are specifically addressed for certain tasks. The addressed employee confirms and accepts the task. Everyone involved in the process is kept transparently informed about the progress of the task. The intuitive user interface avoids time-consuming training.

The back-end, provides full control over all information; all data from the various processes and channels converge here. Configure the back-end processes and the app according to your needs. We believe in an open ecosystem based on known standards, allowing for quick integration of new devices via our APIs. The collected data is used for your optimization – for higher productivity, higher customer retention and higher revenue. Of course, GDPR is adhered to in the process.


data control

PC Monitor with ReAct "Call to action" back-end.
Tablet with ReAct "call to action" app for retail.MDA scanner with ReAct "call to action" app for retail.Smartphone with ReAct "Call to action" app for retail.Headset, integrated into the ReAct "Call to action" platform.


Freedom of choice

Which devices you use depends solely on your requirements. Choose and combine: smartwatch, tablet, smartphone and headset. Or use special devices with scanners for mobile data collection (MDC). Almost all hardware options can be easily integrated into the Call to Action platform. With attractive end devices, you increase employee satisfaction.

Icon Tablet - ReAct "Call to Action" App


Icon Kassendurchgagn - ReAct "Call to Action" App
Icon Lieferung - ReAct "Call to Action" App
Icon Einkaufswagen - ReAct "Call to Action" App
Icon Fisch - ReAct "Call to Action" App

»E-Center« study

Impact of using Call to Action in daily operations.

Icon Einkaufskorb - ReAct "Call to Action" App

Study »Supermarket of the Future 2020«

Survey among 56 executives from food retail sector on topics of corona crisis and digitalization.

Icon Obst - ReAct "Call to Action" App

Study »Supermarket of the future 2019«

Expert survey among 65 owners, managing directors and store managers in the food retail sector.

Icon Sprachnachricht - ReAct "Call to Action" App
Icon Drogerieabteilung - ReAct "Call to Action" App
Icon Reinigung anfordern - ReAct "Call to Action" App

What does call to action cost?

The platform is offered as monthly subscription model (SaaS – Software as a Service). The license fees are calculated according to the number of users and services. Attractive cost structures and low initial costs enable our customers to achieve an amazingly fast return on investment. For many companies, investments in digitalization are eligible for funding.

What does this mean for your requirements?

Call to action comes
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Sales and service partner

A nationwide network of trained service and sales partners is available to answer all your questions about the ReAct platform – from initial planning to individual configuration, commissioning and maintenance. We will be happy to name a ReAct partner  near  you.

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It's worth getting to know Call to Action: Let us show you how powerful the platform is and what success it has already achieved.

Smartphone mit ReAct "Call to action" App für den Einzelhandel.