December 27, 2022

See you in NYC: ReAct at the NRF 2023 Retail Show

From January 15 – 17, 2023, NRF in New York City, the leading trade fair for technology in the retail sector, will once again open its doors.

Join us at the NRF 2023 Retail Show in New York City from January 15th to 17th, 2023, where we will be showcasing our innovative solutions for the retail industry. Our solutions are designed to help you digitalize your processes and increase sales by improving communication and reducing legwork for store employees.

Visit us at booth 4257 of GK Software, a leading provider of POS software for the world's largest retailers. We will demonstrate the benefits of our unique human-machine communication system, including real-time employee and IoT communication, checkout zone control and customer notification through the integration of GK’s CLOUD4RETAIL platform.

ReAct at NRF, NYC, Jan 15-17, 2023, booth 4257

During the trade show, we will showcase our process-oriented, data-based, and automated digital communication solutions "Call to Action" for retailers that can help you optimize store workflows, improve worker productivity, increase product category revenue, and enhance the customer shopping experience.

During the show, we’ll demonstrate:

  • How to efficiently integrate reverse vending and baking machines as well as other IoT-enabled devices into your employees’ communication and workflows.
  • How to use the unique ReAct checkout control system to improve checkout zone organization.
  • How to delegate ad-hoc tasks and recurring work processes locally and across stores to the right employee at the right moment.
  • How to use data analysis to optimize the processes in the long term.